This engineering recipe could be the strongest goldmaking recipe in phase 2

Engineering is the premier profession for useful gadgets and in phase 2 we are getting a new recipe that looks incredible. 

Engineering is underrated

Engineering has always been very underrated for goldmaking in WoW Classic. The sheer time it takes to craft dynamite and similar consumables means many players don’t have the time or don’t want to and are very happy to buy the finished items for a premium. 

Phase 2: the holy grail

In phase 2 we are getting two new consumables for engineering that were not in the game before. They are throwables and they both do damage and cause a 25 % slow. One requires engineering skill, but the other is usable by anyone. Couple this with a Free for all PvP event in Stranglethorn vale and we have a nice combination of effects. 

Recipe source?

As far as we know from datamining the recipe is bind on pickup. That is the extent of our knowledge. I would assume it is related to Gnomeregan, either a drop or an unlock through quests. The recipes both require materials from the raid with the name Gnomeregan fallout. We don’t know how we get this material yet. 

This smells like money

The potential combination of a recipe that is potentially not available for everyone and a strong consumable that anyone can use is looking extremely strong. This recipe might be one of the top sellers of phase 2, and it will be very exciting to get my hands on it.

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