Waylaid supplies are back, so get crafting early!

With datamining now coming in we get a first look at the likely Waylaid supplies turn ins for phase 2. These items were massive gold makers in phase 1, and I expect phase 2 to be the same. 

Will the rep have goodies?

I’m expecting revered to unlock another rune. We will also likely see more recipes locked behind the supply box rep, and Blizzard is also buffing the XP gain from boxes significantly. They are looking at more changes to the system, so we will have to see what that means, but overall I expect these items to sell really well. 

Recipes and sources

Below is the list of all the recipes that show up on the list of waylaid supply boxes currently, as well as where you get the recipe. Some of the recipes are already available.

Tailoring stands out

Tailoring has two rare world drop recipes, and stand out quite sharply in this list. The Rich Purple Silk Shirt recipe in particular is VERY rare, and does not seem to belong compared to every other craftable item here. Overall most of the recipes are easy to get. Every profession has one harder to get recipes, mostly from vendors in Stranglethorn Vale, with a limited supply. You can get some of these recipes in game right now, either by taking the boat, or buying from someone who’s reselling on the Auction House. 

Start early

With the experience gain increased for the waylaid supply boxes I suggest getting on these items as soon as possible. In particular if we get a rune at revered we can expect people to start grinding and turning these in from day 1. I’ll be making a TSM setup as soon as we know the group sizing, as right now the wowhead tooltips only have placeholder values of 20 rough stones, which I doubt is the real quantity.

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