This group of items is absolutely booming!

With raids out permanent item enhancements have ridden to the top alongside consumables. So let’s look at how thes items have been for me.

What items are in this category

Permanent item enhancements are great at the moment. The top ones for me are the leg armors from tailoring and leatherworking, the belt buckle from blacksmithing and all the enchants from enchanting. For all of these they mostly sell well just after raids finish. You want to stock up late in the week, and be ready on Wednesday or Thursday when everyone is doing a new lockout and getting new BiS pieces they want to enchant.


I’ve had great success selling the leatherworking leg armors. In particular the PvP armor Earthen Leg Armor has been great for me. Icescale armor for physical DPS is the one with the highest average daily sold. . Frozen Orbs have absolutely exploded in price due to how fast these leg armors are selling. The biggest hurdle is getting the materials at a reasonable price.


I’ve not had the opportunity to get into tailoring yet as the recipes are locked behind reputation and my tailor is still level 70. I expect they will be in a very similar situation as leg armors from leatherworking, with sales coming fast, and getting Frozen Orbs at a reasonable price being the main difficulty keeping you freom keeping them in stock. . The Brilliant Spellthread has the highest daily sold, selling at about twice the rate of the other one.


For enchanting I’ve mostly had success focusing on the cheaper enchants. Bracers, boots and gloves are the main slots. I’ve also sold some cheaper weapon enchants. For the more expensive enchants relying on Abyss Crystal I’ve not had luck posting them to the AH. It seems like most players are getting these directly after collecting the materials.


Blacksmiths have access to the eternal belt buckle, the BiS belt enchant. This is relatively cheap to craft, but everyone wants it for their belts. There’s no specifically hard to get materials, and the gold per item is fairly low, but on raid reset days or busy raid days it’s possible the market gets reset and you can pull out some nice sales.

Making the most of this market

You will want to craft more than one. ANywhere from 5 to a full stack of 20 can make sense. If you’re just starting out then 1 of each is the best approach, then you can scale up as you get sales. I personally do 5 each for enchants and however many I can find frozen orbs for for leg armor. For Belt buckles I do a full stack.

TSM Settings

I just lean towards posting one of each for these. You want to repost often, particularly in the evening between 22-24 when the majority of raid groups finish their raids and players run to the AH to get their enchants. I sold a stack of belt buckles in less than a day this week, and I’ve sold 10 leg armors in the same time span.


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