I crafted 2 Nobles decks on a dare, here’s how it went!

So the big potential money maker of wrath came to town. The first faire is behind us and so is the first time to blast darkmoon cards.

I barely got in

I was actually not really planning on doing anything with darkmoon cards for this faire as I did not have too much gold going into Wrath. On Friday however I had made a good chunk of profits already and one of my friends (who I borrowed 5k gold from) pushed me into trying it out and the results were great.

I got lucky on the first batch and crafted my first nobles deck for 7 000 gold. I sold within an hour for 15 500 gold in trade chat. I stayed up a while longer and crafted a second deck with some card trading for another 7500ish gold. It sold overnight on the AH for 15000.

Then I spent most of my profit crafting a deck for myself for about 10k before the faire left town.

Why didn’t you tell us?

This is something that makes the rich, richer and is not particularly useful for someone just starting out in goldmaking. Advising someone to put all their gold into crafting 30 cards and praying is just a fast track to losing you guys gold. By the time the next faire rolls around however I believe this will be accessible for a lot more of you though, so we’re diving in.

Faire is gone and so is material demand

Now the faire is out of town, and the only ones getting sales are players with finished trinkets. Eternal Life is down from around 30 gold per to 9 gold per, and herbs are down from 3 gold per to 1 gold per for Addder’s Tongue.

At this rate it will likely cost anywhere from 3-5k to complete decks for the next faire and we’ll see prices fall significantly on finished trinkets as the faire approaches.

Can you still get in?

For the next faire you absolutely can. Eternal Life has rebounded a bit already on my realm from the bottom and it looks like prices will stabilize or slightly increase as we head into the next faire.

Adder’s tongue is probably as cheap as it will get, with potions of speed determining demand alongside glyph crafting.

Stocking up on snowfall inks and potentially cards is going to be the play. You will want to have a couple of decks prepared before the faire rolls into town. We can expect demand for decks to start decreasing and demand for trinkets to start falling a bit when the next faire is close as the lost value from waiting is much smaller.

Calculating your profits

This darkmoon sheet is the one I use. It was made by Baron primarily for raiders just looking to craft for themself, but it works great for our purposes. I usually value 40 cards as the rough cost of crafting a full nobles deck, but if you do  enough cards 35 or even 32 will be the real number, particularly if you take advantage of trade chat to trade cards with others. This will give you a quick at a glance view of how profitable decks can be on your realm.

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