This is how you profit from the OG Naxx in WoW 10.1.5

I talked about Naxxramas transmog when the patch came out, so let’s see how it went for me.

2 main approaches

If you have a lot of characters and you don’t mind running naxx then running it on a huge number of characters every week to gamble Bargaining chips for Tier 3 base pieces is very profitable. Alternatively you can get every classic profession leveled and go on a shopping spree for the recipes and craft the transmog.

The gamba

A Dented Raider’s piece will cost you 3 chips, so you can do 5 gambles for a tier 3 base piece per character you run Naxx on per week. From the data I’ve seen you can expect to get a Lamented crusader piece about 2% of the time. So if you want to be fairly certain you get a tier piece every week you want to run Naxx on 10 characters.

The gold per hour will depend on your realm, but in my opinion it’s not too attractive at current prices. It is consistent and weekly capped however, so the profit should remain reasonably high.


I don’t much like farming so I much prefer to take advantage of the transmog recipes. This week I finally got my first sale, and I’ve only learned 3 recipes. I got 120k for a off-hand. THe recipes have gotten quite cheap now, with most hovering between 5 and 10 000 gold. At this point I think they are well worth buying across the board. Judging by how good Shadowlands legendaries are selling there is very good cosmetic demand for recently added stuff. I’m currently in the process of leveling classic professions so I can buy out the other recipes and get a larger batch of items onto the AH.

TSM settings

If you want to get going with crafting the transmog then you can get my TSM settings here to easily post them to the AH.

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