Here’s what you need to know to make gold in Phase 4 of Wrath!

Phase 4 with ICC will be the last major phase of Wrath Classic, so let’s look at what’s coming.

New recipes new demand

When looking to prepare for a new patch you are always looking for new recipes or other new sources of demand. ICC does not bring too many new recipes, with the vast majority being new BoE Epic gear that drops from ICC.

Sadly this isn’t a volume heavy market which means that we should not expect to see this massively drive demand for materials across the board.

The possible exception

Edit: Yikes. I just realized patch 3.3 actually removed the cooldown on the cooldown cloth. This will absolutely make investment in this completely worthless, so don’t listen to what I said here!

The main exception I would consider for this is the cooldown cloth. This can’t be mass produced, and the new tailoring recipes require a lot of cooldown cloth. The price of Spellweave on my realm already spiked quite significantly starting about a week after the launch of the Trial of the Grand Crusader, so expect new recipes to at least have a similar demand impact.

New volume items?

There’s one new volume item of note in the new craftable ammunition. Gnomish engineers can craft Iceblade Arrows for 2 Crystallized Shadow and Goblin Engineers can craft Shatter Rounds for 2 Crystallized Earth. They should both see significant demand, so if you can race to Ashen Verdict Honored to get the recipes that will be very profitable.

Outside of that nothing much to report

Outside of that phase 4 does not bring too much to the table in terms of changes to the demand landscape. There’s nothing to shake up the game like titanium prospecting did in phase 2 and we can overall just expect more of the same. The best preparation you can do is to get your engineers in order if you can farm the rep and potentially dusting off some tailors for the cooldown cloth.

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