This is the easiest goldmaking market you can get into!

The Crimson Combatant gear was a steady seller and good entry level market in 10.0, and there’s a new level of gear in town with 10.1!

Obsidian combatant

Obsidian Combatant is the new level of PvP entry level gear. This gear is great as it represents 424 ilvl in PvP, and you can deck out an entire character. Since it’s gear you can sell it on your realm AH instead of the region wide AH, which makes it a lot more profitable than it would otherwise be.

The recipes

The recipes drop in PvP content, and are all tradeable on the AH. As of right now most of the recipes are relatively cheap, ranging from 2000 to 10000 gold on my realm.

Items shared by every spec like the trinkets (actually the only recipes that come from a vendor), rings and capes are the top sellers. The trinket recipes are purchased from this vendor in Valdrakken, and costs awakened Ire.

Check prices

Before you go on any wild shopping sprees for recipes you should check the prices for the finished items. As of right now the Jeweled Signet for instance is only selling for 75 gold on my realm, which barely covers materials. Compared to the jeweled amulet recipe, which has the exact same material cost, but sells for 350 gold.

Selling the items

With TSM supporting the crafting price source we can use a proper crafting based setup again. You can find the import below which includes all the obsidian items added in 10.1. I would suggest stocking 5-10 of each, depending on how much bag room you have on your banker and what you are seeing in terms of sale rate.

Good luck!


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