This is how you min max Niffen Rep and Barter bricks!

Today we’ll look at how you can maximize your barter brick generation for the recipes.

Rep is king

The first thing to realize is that rep is absolutely essential for getting barter bricks. At rep 12 you unlock barter boulders, which you start looting instead of bricks. They are equal to 3 bricks, so your rate is immediately 3x. If you make it to renown 20 you can buy barter boulders for Dragon isles supply, making it trivial to unlock the recipes.

The rep buff

To maximize your rep you want to get the rep buffs from 10 and 20 renown as soon as possible. The first step is to grind one character to renown 10, which you should be able to by now, just by doing all the story chapters and the one time quest lines around Zaralek. Once you hit 10 on that you want to swap to an alt that has not gotten any rep yet. You’ll then blast through everything using the +100 % rep buff. The most important part is to keep one of the +2500 rep chapter rewards. You want to use it when you are as close to renown 10 as possible. It will still give 5000 rep, getting you instantly to renown 12.

After that it’s all grinding.

Rep grind

The good news is that you can grind rep consistently, the bad news is it’s slow. Once you have done all the quests that give rep, you are stuck with world quests in Zaralek caverns, the events that spawn as well as doing the researchers under fire. The play is simply to fly around Zaralek and do mini-events and then do the researchers under fire every hour.

If you want to get a specific recipe quickly you can get a character to renown 12 and farm boulders, as the abililty to buy boulders for supplies at renown 20 is account wide.

Do the digs

Sniffenseeking digs are a must. You need to do all 3 every week. You should 100% buy the one from barter bricks as rep is more important than bricks. Once you unlock Myrrit affinity you’ll get barter bricks from the digs, and if you have renown 12 you will get Barter boulders in stead of bricks, but at the same rate, making it VERY good, both for rep and bricks/boulders.

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