This potion is now tradeable on the Auction House!

With 10.1 We can now freely craft and trade the Elemental potion of Ultimate Power, that used to be a crafting order only item. This has led to some interesting effects in potion prices.

The recipes

The recipe for Elemental Potions of Ultimate Power now just require the normal Elemental potion, as well as 2 Awakened Order. Interestingly the Ultimate power cauldron also just requires the regular elemental potions of power.

The recipe is expensive

The elemental potion of Ultimate Power is learned from the Elemental Codex of Ultimate Power. It’s a drop from the new raid as well, but as of right now you may have to pay as much as 500k to learn the recipe. You will not be able to craft these profitably unless you have a maxed out potion build, as margins are low for anything sold on the region wide AH.

The build 

You will never be able to guarantee quality 3 on these, as the recipe difficulty is just too high. This means you will want inspiration, multicraft and resourcefulness. The exact value of stats will vary, but usually multicraft will be the best one.

I’m unsure if the air and frost formulated potions nodes give  benefits for elemental potions, if they do obviously you want to put points into those as well, with 10 each for the +10 inspiration bonuses being the best break point.

Raid demand

With a new raid we should see high demand, particularly on reset days. Focus your efforts around buying materials when they are cheap throughout the week and selling on the reset day. Make sure you update your pricing, or keep track of your crafting costs to ensure you  post the potions only at profitable prices.

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