This profession lets you craft BiS gear for profit!

Ths BiS lists are out for phase 2, and with them we can finally find the juicy gearing recipes we want to keep up.

Tailoring is big

The best profession for pre-bis gearing by a country mile right now is Tailoring. The main reason is because of the severe lack of spellpower gear out in the world, and the changes made in SoD to add a lot of spellpower craftables to tailoring. A lot of tailoring recipes are therefore really good, even approaching Best in slot status in multiple cases.

Recipe list

Below is the list of all tailoring recipes that show up in caster BiS lists, as well as their highest position. I also have the sources listed. Obviously you want to prioritize BiS or pre-raid BiS options as they are the highest value. Some of the recipes have very expensive materials which makes them risky to craft to sell right now, but down the line prices will be more reasonable which reduces the risk.

As we can see a lot of these recipes are trainer-trained, but the top two do require you to have maximum tailor skill, so you need to be level 26. Sadly I don’t have a 26 tailor yet, but I am workin on it.

Expensive materials

The Cindercloth Robe in particularly is extremely expensive as Hearts of Fire are really hard to get at level 40. On my realm the hearts are going for 35g each. This makes it very impractical to sell the robe on the AH, and I would suggest staying away until or when prices get lower. The Dreamweave gloves uses much more reliably available materials, which makes it a lot cheaper, and thus a perfect choice for selling on the AH.

Restock and sell

As always we want to restock 1 of each for the expensive items, maybe going up to two of each for the cheaper ones that people buy as throwaways. I would suggest just starting with my basic TSM setup below and then you can increase the quantity if necessary on the various pre-BiS options.


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