This is probably the laziest way to make gold in SoD

Transmute alts have been an idea since the dawn of time in WoW, as transmutations on a cooldown have been something you can do once a day. 

The first transmute

With the advent of phase 2 we have gotten the first cooldown transmute in Classic, so the setup begins now. 

Truesilver is used in various crafts for the epic gear from Gnomeregan, and as such it is very valuable. With 225 as the maximum skill it is not possible to actually mine Truesilver, so the only source is from the 48 hour cooldown to turn Mithril into Truesilver. As of right now the value of doing this is 1.5-2g per transmute. 

Is it worth it?

Leveling alchemy certainly isn’t free, and on top of that you need the recipe and a philosopher stone. If we are just looking at the truesilver transmute then my answer would be now. The reason I think it’s worthwhile to consider getting multiple alchemy transmuters is due to later phases. Transmutes will be valuable from now and for the rest of Season of Discovery, including the very valuable arcanite transmutes. Since you can unlock the transmutes at 41, presumably for max skill doing the setup now can be quite good. 

Alts galore

Many of you will already be playing alts as they are quite accessible in SoD, so if you have any spare at level 25 without a profession then getting them to 26 and slowly leveling to 40 and then adding alchemy can get you some very lazy gold throughout the rest of SoD.

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