Top 5 recipes for Beginner Gold Makers In Wrath Classic!

Today we’ll look at some great entry level recipes for goldmaking with professions. Criteria we focus on are: High speed of sales, easy to unlock, cheap to craft. We want items you can start crafting even if you have 100 gold to your name, and expect to get a sale quickly.


Glyphs are extremely cheap to craft and you can unlock a ton of them just from doing the Northrend research as well as the classic research. Book of Glyph Mastery is also very cheap these days and you can likely unlock a couple of recipes from that for less than 10 gold per recipe. Costs vary from 1-2 gold on most realms, with top glyphs still selling for 15-20 gold. Sale rates per glyph is a lot lower than for the other items in this video, but on the other side there’s a lot more recipes avilable.

Cooldown cloth

The cooldown cloth is unlocked from the vendor at 415 tailoring. As of right now profits vary from 60 to 120 gold per craft on my realm, with crafting costs ranging from 15 to 79 gold. They sell consistently, but obviously you are limited by the cooldown. If you have an extra level 68+ character it can be very profitable to set it up for cooldowns.


Frostweave bag is another high volume vendor recipe. Margins are thinner than for cooldown cloth or meta gems, and it is a bit more time consuming, making it a less attractive option, but still a very consistent seller.

Belt buckles

Eternal Belt buckles are learned from the blacksmithing trainer at skill 415. They yield a 50% profit margin on my realm, and the sale rate is high as expected with a best in slot enchant. They are very cheap to craft as well, making this an all around great item for players just dipping into gold making.

Meta gem transmutes

The meta gem transmutes are learned from your profession trainers at 430 alchemy skill. This is a little higher than many others on the list, and you also want to get transmutation mastery for another +20% yield on average. That being said the margins are often high enough to make them profitable even without the extra procs, and if you have a jewelcrafter you can even process them into finished gems to maximize the value.

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