Fauna runes are easy lazy gold!

Today I’m going to talk about a fairly simple little market that you can use to make gold from Inscription. It won’t make you rich, but it is very consistent, and a great way to fill up some AFK time. I’m talking about the weapon runes from inscription!

The build

This is a high volume, low-ish margin market, so you will need to have maxed out bonuses to make gold here. You need full q5 rare profession tools, as well as most of the points in the build below. Inspiration may not be necessary, it depends on the relative price of q3 and q2 chilled runes, so that is the least important node, as you can guarantee q3 by using the quality 3 material.


Prices vary

Prices vary quite a bit on the finished runes. They can go from very unprofitable to almost doubling your gold depending on the day and time of night. Overall you’re mostly looking at 5-10 gold profit per craft and you will sell about 70% of what you craft the moment you post it on the AH. I pretty just click craft all and tab out. Then I post everything to the AH when my inventory is full, before doing another craft all.

How profitable is it?

At 5 gold per craft you’re looking at about 18000 gold per hour, which is the typical profit you can see. This is not fantastic, but not too bad either. The best use by far is to craft while you are AFK, or if you like me have two accounts where you essentially can’t spend your time doing anything better anyway. You can also get lucky and the AH is dry of one variant, like from this screenshot where the average profit was all the way up at 29 gold. This would then give me 108 000 gold per hour, which is very good. This will only rarely happen though.

Snag the Loamm recipe

Remember to get the 10.1 recipe added with Loamm Niffen. It requires Ponso’s Cream, which is equal to either 10 barter boulders or 25 barter bricks. You want all the recipes as you can only craft one at the time, so craft whichever is the most profitable one. Except for chirping runes they all pretty much sell as fast as you can craft them, so no need to worry about stocking up.

Craft all -> post all

I haven’t even bothered with TSM settings for these. I usually just craft all on the most profitable one, and then I do something else on my second account until my inventory is full. Then I post everything at the current price. Then I click create all again. Due to the region wide nature this works really well.

q2 or q3 materials?

QUality 3 crafts are the only ones worth anything. If you have max inspiration and max skill you can reach 295 in skill with quality 2 materials. This means that 75 percent of your crafts will be quality 3 due to the HSV, as well as any inspiration you have. This has sometimes been the most profitable way in the past, but right now q3 materials are cheap enough that going q3 materials and getting guaranteed q3 crafts is better. This can change in the future, so you want to put points into the inspiration node, but for right now just stick to quality 3 materials.

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