TSM4 Guide Part 9: Crafting and crafting operations

We are now on part 9 of my TSM guide, and today I will cover how to use the crafting functionality in TSM.

The Crafting UI

TSM will replace your default crafting UI with the TSM crafting UI, that includes some very useful options.

The base UI can be seen in the screenshot below.

TSM4 Crafting UI

Crafting recipes

The left part contains all of your recipes. The columns will show you how many you can craft with the items you have. Numbers with a dash means, like 6-44 for the War-Scrolls indicate you can craft 6 with the materials you have on the current character, and 44 if you include all the materials you have across all your characters.

The profit column shows the expected profit. The crafting cost is calculated by summing the default material prices for the materials, and the sale price is calculated as the minimum buyout by default.

The last column shows the region sale rate for the items. This indicates the percentage of auctions that will sell as a decimal number.

The crafting queue

On the right side you can see the crafting queue. This is a list of crafts you want to craft and you can populate it by clicking the queue button at the bottom of the window with a craft selected, or with a crafting operation.

This let’s you fill out the list and then just click craft next to finish crafting all the items. Which is a lot more time-efficient!


In the top left corner you can swap between crafts and groups. If you click groups you will get a list of all your groups that have a crafting operation applied to them. If you click restock selected groups the crafting queue will be populated according to the logic in your crafting operations.

TSM4 Crafting Groups View

Crafting reports

The crafting reports view has two sub views: crafts and materials. Crafts will give you a list of all of your crafts as well as their profitability. You can queue items by clicking on them.

TSM4 Crafting reports Crafts View

The materials view will show you the material price for all of the materials that are used in your recipes. You can change the price of any material by just searching for it and clicking it to change the default string. This is especially important for items like Expulsom where the default string will give an invalid price, so any items that use expulsom in their crafting will not have a valid crafting price source.

TSM4 Crafting reports Materials View


The last view is Gathering, and it is used to help you get the materials you need to craft everything you have in the crafting queue. You select one of your crafters and a profession and click Add tasks to list. The TSM task list will then generate the tasks you need to do to get the required materials. It will go through your inventory and tell you which of your alts you should mail stuff from as well as what you need to buy from the AH.

TSM4 Gathering UI

It will also show you a summary of how many materials you have, versus how many you need.

TSM4 Task List

Crafting operations

Now that we have covered the basics of the crafting UI, it’s time to look at crafting operations.

As with other operations Crafting operations are rules about how you want TSM to treat your items. Crafting operations can be incredibly useful, as you will not have to spend time figuring out how many of each item to craft, or the materials required.

Crafting operations can also be used to override the default value of the crafted item, which is useful for items with a random proc element, such as transmutation mastery transmutes or rank 3 alchemy consumables.

Creating the operations

You create the operation the same way you create any other operation, through the operations view, or from the group operations view for a group.

Restock Quantity settings

The Restock Quantity settings will be the most important settings by far for crafting operations.

TSM4 Crafting Operation

The minimum restock quantity is the minimum items you want to craft. This could be the case because you don’t want to craft one new item every time you sell one, but rather you want to wait until you can craft a batch as that is more time-efficient. This makes a lot of sense for items like glyphs, enchants etc.

The maximum restock quantity is the maximum amount of the item in question you want to have. This is the number it will restock up to, so if this is set to 20 and you have 15 items a restock will add 5 items to your crafting queue.

The minimum profit can be used to set a minimum profit margin before items are added to the crafting queue. I don’t always use this, but it can be very useful for glyphs.

Price Settings

This is important for items where the default craft value calculation under settings-> crafting is incorrect. This will mostly be the case for items with random procs, or if you know that you will sell your item for more than dbminbuyout.

The craft value is used in the profit column in the crafting window, and by the crafting operation to calculate the profit. So if you use minimum profit amounts, it is important that this is set correctly!


So let’s look at a couple of examples of crafting operations to help you see how they can be used.

Restock 1 of each

This is the simplest operation you can make, and it is perfect for crafted transmog. It will restock up to one of each item. You generally do not want to keep a ton of duplicates in your inventory for transmog, as any one item will sell quite slowly. I use this for MoP crafted transmog to figure out which items have sold since my last crafting session.

TSM4 Transmog Crafting operation

Enchants, stock up to 20

This is the crafting operation I used for enchants throughout Legion. I would stock up to 20 of each enchant, and I would add the enchants to the crafting queue when I hit 15 or fewer enchants in my inventory.

TSM4 Enchants Crafting Operation

This gives me a decent trade off between inventory, number of times I need to restock per week and time spent crafting. It is generally better to craft in batches as you can accumulate materials for a while. It will also save you time by allowing you to spend less of it relogging to your various crafters if you have tons of alts.


Crafting operations and the crafting UI can be used to craft a lot of different items in varying quantities without having to manually set the number for each of your crafts, together with the mailing UI you can minimize the time you spend crafting and maximize the time you spend playing the game and posting auctions!

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