Turning cloth into enchanting materials can be VERY profitable!

Enchanting shuffles are a goldmaking staple, and typically really good for entry level goldmaking. So what are they and how can you take advantage of them in Phase 1 of SoD

What is a shuffle?

An enchanting shuffle is a process where you craft some cheap crafted item, and then disenchant it. As long as the average value of the enchanting materials you get is higher than the average cost of materials you are making a profit. It’s a little time consuming of course, but enchanting materials typically sell really quickly.

Tailoring is always cheapest

Generally speaking tailoring is almost always the best profession for crafting items to disenchant. Cloth is abundant and generally cheap, and most of the tailoring recipes only require cloth and thread. We’ll focus on the tailoring options in phase 1 available right now.

Strange dust and Magic essences

The lowest level of enchanting materials is used to level enchanting, craft wands and craft the new sharpening stones for BFD among other things. This means these items will have sustained demand. The best choice at this level is usually the brown linen robe. The cost is 6 linen cloth and a coarse thread, and you get on average 1.2 Strange dust and 0.3 Lesser magic essences per disenchant. As of right now on my realm the crafting cost is about 1s50c, with an expected disenchant value of 5s, so you are tripling your silver.

Soul dust and Astral essences

The higher level soul dust and astrall essences are used in many of the best enchants in phase 1. The items they are disenchanted from are more expensive, so the price is typically higher. The recipe I have found for this is Gloves of Meditation. It costs 12 Wool Cloth, 3 fine thread and an elixir of Wisdom. The elixirs are often selling for less than material costs as alchemists craft them to level up. As of right now the crafting cost on my realm is about 22s, with the expected disenchant value at 39s. Which means you are just slightly off from doubling your gold.

I prefer the gloves

Obviously if you want to dedicate any significant time to this, the gloves are a lot better. Getting 17s profit per disenchant is actually really good. The linen robe is fine from a profit perspective, but you only get 3-4 silver profit per craft and disenchant, so your gold per hour is alot lower than the “lower profit” gloves. Either way this is looking pretty juicy!

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