These early gearing recipes are AMAZING! Blacksmithing SoD Phase 1 Gold Guide

Getting a character up to speed when you hit max level is always in demand. In Season of Discovery there are a lot of slots with fairly limited options, making entry level gear from professions very valuable!

Closer to cap and harder to get

The better recipes profit wise will be the ones that require you to max out your professions, and where the recipe is not simply learned from your trainer. Since we are looking at gear, the main professions this is relevant for are the main armor and gear crafting culprits: blacksmithing, leatherworking and tailoring, and today we’re looking at Blacksmithing.

Shining Silver Breastplate

The most famous option from Blacksmithing is of course the Shining silver breastplate. This is the rare used for the epic crafted chest. Since you need to be a blacksmith to get the upgraded version I find that the profit is not high enough on this recipe relative to the cost. If you want to profit from this one I would prioritize looking for people to craft for a fee in trade chat.

Green Iron Gauntlets

Green Iron Gauntlets are a great option for gloves. THe recipe is a world drop, so only players who get it from the AH will be able to compete. It sells well, and profit margins are in the 50-100% on my realm, which is very good.

Silvered Bronze Shoulders

Silvered Bronze Shoulders are another great uncommon piece. Shoulders is perhaps the hardest slot to gear, so these are a very good entry level gearing option. The recipe is trainer trained, however, so there’s more competition than for the gauntlets.

Mantle of the Second War

These shoulders give stamina and holy spell damage. I assume they are mostly useful for paladins. If you are horde this recipe is quite worthless. On Alliance it is great, as it requires honored with the Azeroth Commerce Authority. This is the Waylaid supply rep farm, that not everyone has done. The recipe is expensive, but you should face a lot less competition.


In general you want to keep at least one of each of these items on you at any one time, and 1 of them should be on the AH. You should adjust depending on the sale rate of the items on your realm. Green Iron Gauntlets are selling  really fast for me for instance, so keeping even 4 or 5 on me at any time is perfectly fine.

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