Want to invest for the long haul? Wow Gold Case study!

Transmog has traditionally been a good market, and investing in items that will see a massive decrease in supply once players move on has been great.

10.1 drops

10.1 has added a ton of BoE uncommon items. I’m sure many of you will have seen thgese clog your bags from the new zone. The adventurer level of gear drops and is quite useful for gearing a fresh alt right now.

These items look fairly cool, and there are a lot of them!

Long term investments

Once 10.2 rolls around almost no one will set foot in Zaralek Caverns or Aberrus. As a result the amount of new items created for all of these items will be Extremely low. Of course, the value won’t be particularly high right then either, as they will lose the value they had for alts. Eventually though, the transmog value will emerge, and when there are almost no items available the price will inevitably rise.

This is a long term play

This is not something that will make you rich now, but it is something that can yield a lot of profit down the line. I bought a lot of Island Expedition Transmog at the end of BfA. What I have left is still valued at 10 times the price I bought for in some cases. It’s slow selling, but when I sell, I make a lot of gold.

These items are similar in many ways, with strong models and a supply that will fall of a cliff.

Chuck it in the bank

The simple play is to buy a decent selection of items. Keep in mind that item level is irrelevant, as we are buying for transmog, so get the cheapest ones. I would get 1-5 items for each slot if you want to invest in this. The price should be fairly low for most of these, netting you the item for less than a 1000 gold. The goal is generally to start selling these in about a year, so this is for the long haul. If you do enough of these types of investments, it will stack up however.

TSM Settings

Below you can find a TSM group that has all of these items. It also includes basic flipping operations that you can use to buy these.


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