Phase 3 recipe rundown: The gold perspective!

So Phase 3 is out, what are the new recipes?

Epic gems

Epic gems is of course the big change in this phase. If you have not already gotten a lot of recipes, then it is about time you go do so.

The recipes are primarily sold by Timothy Jones in Dalaran for jewelcrafter’s tokens. I would not suggest getting every recipe, but getting a good mix of recipes for each color is usually the play.

Check out my spreadsheet if you want help figuring out which recipes have the most value on your realm!

Nightmare Tear

The Nightmare Tear requires it’s own section. It’s a new unique-equipped gem that gives +10 to all stats. The recipe is bought for JC tokens, and it requires one Dragon’s Eye and 5 Infinite Dust. This one will definitely make Dragon’s eyes more valuable, as well as keep demand for the items you can turn into tokens in titanium dust and damaged necklaces.


Outside of epic gems the tradeable items we can craft in p3 is a bunch of epic armor. Every armor type can craft chestpieces and bracers, that cover all the potential roles for that armor type. All the recipes drop from the raid, and will obviously have demand, but we can also expect access to recipes to be a little limited. As usual these recipes require a raid drop, this time around the Crusader Orbs, that drop from Trial of the Crusader.

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