Wrath Enchanting Gold making overview! Item enhancements are always good!

Just when I think I’m done with these I realize there’s a profession I haven’t covered yet, enchanting!

Vellums are in

The main thing you can do with enchanting is of course to enchant gear. With Wrath Blizzard has added vellums to the game, these are items you can put your enchant on, and then trade on the auction house. This finally means you can make gold with enchanting without sitting around in the major hub spamming for customers. This is a huge change and makes enchanting a lot more worthwhile.

Enchants are still expensive

In Wrath enchant costs are still relatively compared to how much dust and essences you get from disenchanting. This means that enchants in general will be expensive. This is great for enchanters as it significantly increases the goldmaking potential.


Shuffling materials into items and then enchanting materials with disenchanting is still very much a possibility. Back in the day the main combination was with jewelcrafting, primarily utilizing excess uncommon gems to craft the rings: The Bloodstone Ring and the Sunrock Band. Tailoring might also come through here, we will see how prices shake out.

Recipe Acquisition

In Wrath the main recipe vendor in Dalaran will sell you enchanting recipes for Dream Shards. This is the rare disenchant shard in Wrath. This will likely be a very significant early barrier to entry overall. A lot of players will need tens or potentially hundreds of shards to get all the recipes they want.

Recipe priority

In general weapon enchants have the highest potential, but it will depend on your realm. You can expect most serious goldmakers to be getting every useful enchant as soon as they can. The top ones for casters are Mighty Spellpower and Greater Spellpower, and the top weapon enchants for physical DPS is Berserking. After those I would most likely prioritize armor enchants.

Dream Shard opportunity?

There’s a very real possibility that you can make a good chunk of gold shuffling dream shards early. Players will need a lot of these both for enchants and recipes. The Earthshadow Ring from jewelcrafting stands out as very cheap assuming it can disenchant into Dream Shards if you have JC and enchanting on the same character. I would check most rare BoEs to figure out if any can be shuffled profitably early on.

Making gold

The main way to make gold with enchanting will simply be to keep the top selling enchants in stock and on the AH. Restock up to 5 of each, or more and keep one up for sale whenever you run a post scan.

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