Wrath Engineering Gold making overview! The Luxury Mount Era begins!

Almost last in our main crafting profession previews we cover Engineering. This profession mostly gives bonuses to yourself, and it will be extremely popular, but can you make gold with it?

Honestly, not much

The vast majority of recipes and items are either BoP or require engineering to use. Couple this with the fact that most of the recipes come from your trainer and you get a situation where very few recipes will have any meaningful goldmaking potential. There are a couple of exceptions however, with one of them in particular in the Mechano-Hog / Chopper mounts standing out.


The vast majority of gear you can craft is BoP. 2 items do stand out though. You can craft two different guns, both of which are epic and BoE. These should see some potential demand early on. The Nesingwary 4000 has the biggest potential as it has DPS stats, whereas the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun i essentially for warrior tanks, who are extremely unlikely to pay the huge material cost for a very small stat budget slot.

Utility items

Most of these are only usable by other engineers, but that does’nt mean they can’t sell at all. I made a lot of gold craft Sapper charges in classic, and I believe that the Sapper Charge in Wrath is also quite good for speedruns. This means you will want to go goblin engineering to get access to the recipe. Even though only other engineers can use them it is time consuming to craft and many players will prefer just getting a stack and getting to work.

The mount

This is the highest potential recipe of them all. The Mechano-Hog (Horde) or Mekgineer’s Chopper (alliance) was the first vanity crafted mount added to the game. They require a good chunk of expensive vendor materials to craft, which limits supply significantly. They will be selling for more than 20 000 gold most likely, and if you are among the first players to craft this on your server, you can see some huge sales. I expect a lot of rich GDKP players will want to get this badboy to flaunt their money around dalaran. The elementium-plated exhaust pipe needed to craft the mount is a limited supply item, which will make it well worth to camp for, so you can sell the crafting service once you get the recipe. The respawn is not prohibitively long though.

Recipe acqusition

The only non-trainer recipe we care about is the Chopper/Hog. They come from the Argent Canguard/Horde expedition reputations at exalted. As such you will want to put every possible effort into maxing this reputation early so you can be among the first players offering the mount on your realm. This can potentially get you very rich.

The most promising strategy

The only way to potentially get a lot of gold here is to rush the chopper mount. If you are first to market you will hopefully be able to sell a good chunk of mounts for a very large markup over material costs. I do expect them to still be profitable down the line, as there is a substantial barrier to entry both in terms of capital and a reputation to grind, but the first period will be the best.

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