Yes, there are some ways you can make gold with Public crafting orders!

I’m sure many of you will have stopped looking at public work orders ever since Blizzard removed the requirement to include materials in the work order. There are actually some good recipes, with enchanting leading the way!

Resourcefulness yoinking

The main way you can currently profit from public orders is through resourcefulness. If you get a resourcefulness when crafting a crafting order, you get to keep the materials. This means that the average value of a crafting order can be fairly high, even if the fee is low if there are high value materials.


The best material you can reliably proc is of course our friend the Dracothysts. This is used in a couple of recipes, but two in particular stand out. The Enchanted Aspect’s and Wyrm’s Shadowflame crests. Both are from enchanting and since there’s no quality on them, they are perfect for public orders.

The enchanting build

The recipes only require skill 50 to learn, and the only stat that matters is resourcefulness. This means that on any level 70 character that can get to Zaralek Caverns to get the recipe you can set up a full build in a really short time. It just requires 40 knowledge and skill 50.

Almost like daily cooldowns

Once you have that and as much resourcefulness on your profession gear as possible you’re ready to go. Simply check the public order section during prime time ish hours, and do any aspect’s crest orders that have all materials included. On my realm the average value from resourcefulness is 1600 gold, so even very low fees are worth something. You can have up to 4 orders, and they regenerate 1 per day.

No mats, no make

Make sure you get the No Mats, No make addon so it adds whether or not the materials are included in a column on the public order page. Doing an order without materials included is obviously a terrible idea.

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