Shadowlands legendaries are getting MORE profitable!?

Ever since 10.0.5 Shadowlands legendaries have been a staple of my goldmaking routine, and surprisingly they keep being really strong!

Prices are up?

One of the most surprising things I have seen recently is prices going up on certain legendaries. I have seen sales as high as 15 000 this week, with a crafting cost between 1000 and 3000 gold for the most part that is very good!

Setting it up

To get started you  need to get max Shadowlands skill on one of your professions. Obviously Blacksmithing, leatherworking and tailoring are the ones we care about. You then have to do enough of the questline to unlock the runecarver in Torghast. He will then give you a quest that you turn it at the trainer to unlock the legendary recipes. It won’t take long even if you’ve never set foot in Shadowlands.

Goblin or rep farm

A very large portion of the crafting cost will come from the Orboreal Shards. These can only be bought from vendors, at 125 gold as a base price. You can reduce this to 100 if you are exalted with one of the zone specific reputations in Shadowlands, or if you are a goblin. This might not be necessary for every recipe, but it will VERY significantly increase your profit, so you should get this done. A goblin is very nice for other vendor materials as well, so I would suggest getting one of those.

Post and sell

After I recorded last nights video for the road to 100 million I reposted my legendaries, and today these were the sales. 31k in sales from one post scan  with most likely 10 000 gold in profit is quite nice, particularly compared to how much effort the majority of markets in Dragonflight require.

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