Yes, you can make multiple tokens in a month playing less than 30 minutes per day!

As you know I’ve been continuing my 30 days to a token challenge by just restocking once or twice a day. Today I thought I’d show you my routine.

Tradeskillmaster restocking is OP

In Wrath we can rely on TradeSkillMaster to a huge degree. In particular we can use crafting operations to automatically get a list of everything we want to recraft, and a shopping list of the required materials. We can use this to do a restocking session in 5-10 minutes, depending on how many items I need to restock.

The restock

The first thing you do is to go to restock groups in the profession window. Then you select the groups you want to restock (TSM will remember this choice, so the next time you can just click restock groups and add to queue). Obviously to do this you need to have all the items you want to restock in groups with correct crafting operations. The general crafting operation I use is shown below, and then I adjust the quantities, as I craft up to 5 each for enchants, and 1 each for gear.


The tsm Task list, opened with /TSM tasklist will get you a shopping list. Go to the browse tab of the Auction house interface, and you can click the button in the task list to start searching for the materials you need. Once you’ve bought enough for one type of materials it’ll be removed from the list, and purged from the results list. In some cases TSM will want to do intermediate crafts, and you may want to buy finished items to save time, it all depends on the profit margin and item type.


Then we post the items to the AH with a normal auctioning scan. Obviously you need an auctioning operation. In this case we are selling crafted items, so the basic crafted gear operation will work really well.

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