Make gold with enchanting! Dragonflight 10.2 Enchanting gold guide!

Enchanting generated some crazy sale amounts early in Dragonflight, particularly for the first players to rush inspiration. Let’s look at what it takes to turn a profit now.

Inspiration is still the name of the game

For the vast majority of enchanting recipes it is either impossible or very hard to guarantee rank 3. You are at best getting high enough skill to where you can get some quality 3 procs from hidden skill value. Since you are selling into the regionwide AH every little bit of extra profit matters, and at this point you need a LOT of knowledge to compete.

The build

The build varies a bit depending on exactly which craft you want to maximize. Either way you will generally need about 310 knowledge if you want to be maximally efficient for 1 type of weapon enchants. This is a lot, so if you are starting from scratch it will be tough to get there in any reasonable time.

Max weapon skill

The mazimum skill you can get for the weapon enchants is 402 (407 as a Blood elf), which barely gets you to hidden skill value range. This requires the extra buff from shattering an awakened of the relevant type. With this amount you can also guarantee quality 3 at the cost of 50 mettle. This makes mettle quite valuable for enchanters as you can use it to guarantee a certain amount of profit. You want to farm as much knowledge as possible on any enchanters for this reason.

The cheaper ones?

There’s a lot of other enchants that you can reach max quality with an inspiration proc with less investment. Typically they also have larger margins, so you don’t need every efficiency buff. That being said the prices are a lot lower as well. This includes ring, boot, chest and bracer enchants. You can get into potentially profitable range here with about 150-200 knowledge.

Rare weapon enchants

The cheaper rare enchants deserve an honorable mention as one of the very few items you can guarantee quality 3 for. This does require a decent amount of the Insight of the Blue knowledge nodes, so it is expensive from a knowledge PoV, but it is a nice market as you are much safer. Margins are still thin though, and you will absolutely need a max quality tool with resourcefulness to be able to compete.

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