2017 in review and looking to 2018

Today is the first day of 2018! Which means we will take a look back at the year that went and look forward to the next year.

A new year is often a time for contemplation. We take stock of how the last year went and set goals for the next one.

A year of success

Gold making

Gold making wise I am fairly happy with how 2017 went. I finished up my zero to one million challenge, I got my first single realm gold cap, and I hit 1 million gold on 5 different realms purely from flipping. I then went on a massive token shopping spree and I am still quite far down from my 12 million gold peak. I’m back up to about 8 million now after being as low as 5.5 so I am fairly happy with my current liquidity.

I’m planning a dedicated post where I go into the statistics across all my realms from 2017 to see how the year went, which will be coming out next Monday!


In terms of blogging this year has been great. My readership has been increasing on a month to month basis and it is amazing to know that I am providing something of value to you guys. Don’t be shy about letting me know if I’ve helped you reach some gold making milestone or goal! Success will breed more success.


Streaming has been really fun, especially after I went to a slightly more regular schedule. My days are usually quite busy, and they will not get much freer in 2018, so the schedule is likely to remain more random than I would wish.

Personal life

I don’t talk much about my personal life as the lazy goldmaker, but some things happened in 2017 that I want to share. I got engaged to my girlfriend. And perhaps more importantly our daughter is due in just two weeks (!). I have no idea what impact this will have on my schedule, but I expect I will make some changes to my content creation. What they are will be announced once she arrives.

What does 2018 have in store?

Gold making

My main focus for 2018 will be to finish up my gold cap challenge. I’m considering putting all other gold making activities mostly on hold to not dilute my time. Time is always the most limited resource for me so I need to prioritize it. This means that I will spend less time on my multi realm flipping operation. I think I need to sharpen my focus as other things will intrude on my time (primarily the baby).

The blog

I have a bunch of ideas for 2018 in my mind. I am looking to expand my offering to the community, and I will be working on realizing some of my ideas in this area. If you have something in particular you are interested in please let me know. I also expect to start working on a spreadsheet for Battle for Azeroth as soon as anything happens on that front. I think it is quite likely with a 2018 release so getting us all ready for the next expansion will be a priority when release approaches. I will also be delving into some old world markets as I have essentially written about all the Legion markets I am active in.

Take stock of your year

I suggest taking stock of the last year for all of you. What worked well, what do you want to improve.

Take some time to celebrate your successes, no matter how small.

And learn from your mistakes.

I always prefer building systems to ensure I don’t have to think about what I should be doing and will prioritize my 2018 efforts in that direction.

Happy new year and good luck!


7 thoughts on “2017 in review and looking to 2018

  1. Congrats on getting engaged and having your baby! That’s so exciting! I look forward to the next year of your blog but understand when things get slow. Real life has to take priority. We’ll still be here.

  2. Hey, Congrats on the baby and soon to be wife!!! Love the blog, Been following a while. I’m sure this is mentioned somewhere, but I was curious about the 5 different realms you run on. Do you use a separate account for each realm to easily manage the characters with multiple windows, or do you simply log between each realm? I’m currently making about 1 million a month average on my main realm, reinvesting, buying tokens, etc and sit around 1m liquid at all times. I do have max level chars on other realms but find it hard to find time to switch between multiple realms. I currently play about 20+ hours a week, Not much compared to some, but that is what I have time for, sometimes more, sometimes less. I’m invested in a ton of markets and feel I have an excellent grasp on the economy of my current server. I have the gold to purchase another account, but I was curious if that’s what you do.

    1. Hey,

      I use two accounts, one that I use to play the game and one that is dedicated to auction house operations. I only have max level characters on 2 of my realms. The others are level 10 characters that I purely use for flipping. I use battle pets to get started on new realms and then I flip materials and BoEs using the low level characters.

      I probably play less than 20 hours per week so maximizing my auctions is key, and I would never be able to keep everything posted with just one account.

      You can see how I set up my accounts in this post: (link here), and I have written extensively on BoE flipping which is my main gold maker on most of my realms (101 BoEs, Antorus BoEs)

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