Legion BoE Flipping revisited: What is it like now?

I have recently revisited Legion material flipping in several posts, and I feel the time is right to take another look at the other major flipping market: BoEs. I have been going very aggressively in BoEs on my challenge realm lately and my gold graph looks absolutely silly because of it.


Flipping BoEs is risky. It is also the single most profitable activity in the game if done correctly. Making the right decisions can make you 50 000 gold or more on a single item, and the wrong decision can cost you the same amount. The only way to really learn it is to try it out. My settings have worked across 7 EU realms for me. The buying process is the critical part and I have not found a way to automate away the decision making.

The basics

I did a quite lengthy post on this market back in May. If you are completely new to the idea of flipping BoE items you should read up on my last post first. The market is quite capital intensive, and you will likely spend quite a bit of time building up stock without actually generating much in terms of profits. As you can see from the TSM summary from May I had only made about 300 000 in liquid profit, but my stockpile was quite large.

Now contrast this to the current state of the BoE group on my main realm below. The accounting data was reset as I reformatted my computer at the end of June. Since then the profit has been about 1.4 million gold. I have not been finding too many deals lately, but sales have been strong at 30 000 gold plus per day for a very long time as you can see.

Building capital

As the above summaries show this is a market that requires quite a bit of time to build up. You need to have quite a few items posted before you start generating reliable sales. While this is not a get quick rich market, the long term potential is ridiculous. You check out AadaAccountings on twitter for the most impressive BoE flipping results I know off. This illustrates the true long term potential of the method which is ridiculous.

Recent experience

Recently I have been focusing a lot more on required level 110 items than before. For a while after the Broken Shore opened I only focused on required level 101 items. 110 items have proven to be a very attractive option. One drawback is of course that the risk is quite high that I will get stuck with some stock as the release of Antorus will lead to a sharp drop in demand as new BoEs are introduced. I would suggest keeping to 101 gear unless you can handle losing the gold. The demand for 110 items is surprisingly high.


What are you looking for when buying?

This is the million gold question. At the end of the day I mainly compare the price of the cheapest version of a given itemlevel/extra stat combination and the second cheapest of the same variant. I then buy the cheapest one of the gap is sufficiently large. I generally also compare the price to the market price on the realm and the region market price. You can find both of those in the tooltip if you have TSM installed.

Small price gap between the 840 at 40 000 and the second cheapest at 47 600. Most likely not worth it.

For 101 items you should keep a special eye out for items with leech as they are highly sought after. If an item looks to expensive for it’s item level, it likely has leech.

Here’s an example of a good potential buy. As you can see the item level is extremely high so it is the only one on the realm. The price is about half the DBmarket price and way below DB Region market value as well. I know that this realm has prices that are usually slightly above average as well. Obviously it is risky with the hefty price tag, and I do not have much experience with the absolute high end, but I am confident.

Another good buy

Another example of a good buy is the 845 Demar’s band of Amore in the screenshot below. Market value on this realm is 41k and the region market value is 72k. The only other Demar’s on the realm is an 840 one at 60 000. I should easily be able to resell it at above 60k gold.

Concluding remarks

Hopefully this will help you make better decisions when purchasing BoEs. The market is incredible in the long run and one of the true  large scale wealth generators of this expansion. For more help in this market I highly suggest joining the woweconomy discord server. In the Snipes-flips-sales channel you can look at what other people are buying and post questions on whether a potential deal is worth it.

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