Making gold with Tailoring: Imbued Silkweave

I have already outlined my experience with crafted 815 Leatherworking gear. Today I will be looking at my experiments with the 815 Tailoring gear and what you need to know to get started selling these too.

In general I have found that all the item level 815 gear I can craft sells fast and with very good margins. I will probably do a post on my results with Jewelcrafting rings soon too, as they have been doing very well for me lately.

Results so far

Here’s my sales summary since I crafted a bunch of bracers and gloves 4 days ago and started posting them on the Auction House. We can see that I have had sales for about 12 000 gold in that timeframe. I think this is very promising as I am only stocking 2 of 8 slots and I ‘ve still sold a ton of them.

Here’s a breakdown of all my sales for the 4 days. We see that the bracers sell much faster than the gloves. This is more or less as expected as they are still used for the Obliterum quest so we expect a bit higher demand. My crafting cost is around 500 gold for both the bracers and the gloves. We can easily see that profit margins are quite good. Ranging from 150 gold per piece up to 1500 gold.


To get access to all the item level 815 recipes you need to finish the tailoring questlines to get there. Wowhead has a rundown of all the recipes and their sources. We see that the majority of rank 2 versions are sold by the Dalaran vendor, Lalla Brightweave. The rank 1 versions are obtained from quests and vendors all around the broken isles and are bought for 100 Shal’dorei Silk each.

I still only have the rank 2 recipes as my tailor has not had too much playtime at level 110. Profit margins still range from between 200-500 gold for the majority of pieces.

Crafting and stocking

The Imbued Silkweave pieces are made from Imbued silkweave. You craft this from Shal’dorei silk and Arkhana. You will need a large amount of both of these materials to craft 815 gear. If you need shopping operations for TSM you should check out my post on buying and flipping Legion materials. It contains groups and operations for ALL Legion materials. . Depending on your recipe rank you will need some other materials as well, primarily Felwort, Leystone Ore or Gems. You will also go through a large amount of Runic Catgut so remember to stock up at the Dalaran Vendor. I personally stick to the recipes that do not require Blood of Sargeras as I can’t buy them on the AH.

One annoying thing about the 815 Tailoring gear is that you need to go to Suramar City to the Queens Grace Loom to actually craft the gear. You can find the Queen’s grace loom where the Tailoring quest givers in Suramar hang out. It’s where my character marked is on the screenshot below. Luckily you can keep your materials in your bank, and still craft with them. So just lump it all in your bank so you can bring all the finished pieces back in your inventory.

815 crafted gear uses up a lot of inventory slots as they need one per item. That’s the only real drawback however so apart from that it’s all smooth sailing.

TSM Settings

I use the exact same auctioning settings for my tailoring group as for my leatherworking group. You can find a group that contains all possible variations of all the Imbued Silkweave crafts complete with operations in my pastebin.


That should be all you need to get started!

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