Alchemy: These are the MUST HAVE recipes for phase 2

Today we are looking ahead to phase 2. As you may be aware classic has some of the strongest consumables the game has ever seen. So let’s see what recipes we can start crafting in phase 2 will bring that will remain strong.

No trainer recipes

I’m not going to focus on trainer recipes in this post. There are some good ones, but everyone can get them, in stead we are looking at ones with more difficult to obtain recipes.

Restorative potion

This potion is very strong, it removes multiple negative effects over time. Rogues can use it to restealth in certain situations, and it has uses in some raid fights at level 60. The recipe is quite annoying to get, requiring you to complete a questline in badlands which ends with an elite quest to kill level 40+ dragons. It starts with the Badlands reagent run quests (Horde, alliance). Competition will be low, so if this is useful in phase 2, it will be very lucrative. Otherwise it has longterm potential.

Protection potions

With skill level 225 we can now craft a swathe of new elemental protection potions. Frost, fire and nature will all be available. The recipes for most of these are already available, as they drop from random mobs and can be obtained from vendors. I would suggest grabbing all of them now, as we don’t know which will be used in which leveling raids (although many people are speculating nature for Gnomeregan due to lightning type mechanical mobs). They are also all useful at max level.

Shadow oil

This one is a long term play. The actual Shadow Oil won’t be particularly useful, but this is one of the reagents for the greater shadow protection potions. The bosses where this becomes relevant is mostly later in classic’s time span, but we could see this being relevant in the level 50 phase. The recipe comes from limited supply vendors, so pick it up if you can.

Frost oil

This recipe will see a surge next phase. It’s most relevant use is in one of the quests in Badlands, and getting free XP for just turning something in is very good leveling wise. Most leveling guides I have ever followed include this quest.

TSM settings

I’ll be releasing TSM settings for these when we see what phase 2 has in store for us. Not all of these will be relevant in the next phase, but most or all of them will at the very least eventually be useful, and I made gold selling all of these throughout the original classic run a couple of years ago.

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