New recipes Galore! Phase 2 is looking VERY profitable!

Blizzard just posted the official preview announcement for phase 2 of Season of Discovery, with some actually surprising news.


This was quite surprising, but GDKP runs are now outlawed in Season of Discovery. This makes gold less valuable on the high end, as you can no longer use it to buy every item in the game. Overall though, I doubt it will feel to impactful for players playing the normal economy, but for players who relied on GDKPs to fund their characters they will have to find another way.

Raid and runes

Obviously we are getting a new raid and more runes to go with the raid. Overall we can expect the meta to be shaken up a bit. I won’t go into detail speculating here, as it is not particularly relevant to goldmaking.

New recipes

What is relevant to goldmaking is the fact that they are adding 20 completely new recipes to the game, which includes new materials we will have to farm and trade. This will have a very significant impact on the economy, and can definitely shake up pricing relativ to normal classic.

BoP gear

The Blue post previewing phase 2 showcased some new epic BoP recipes. It looks like every profession is getting new recipes. It will be interesting to see if engineers get anything.

The materials lists definitely skews towards new items, but there are some already existing ones, with the most interesting one I saw being the Shadow Oil alchemy oil that’s needed for the leatherworking mail helmet. Since people only need one of these the effect on material demand is usually not that high, I expect the new materials will represent the majority of the cost of crafting these items.

New consumables

They also showcased new consumables, one for enchanters only that gives them a spell power and attack power buff, as well as a new potion which gives a short term stat boost. Based on how I read the tooltip for the new potion it is usable by everyone, so if you can get this early you can likely pull in a pretty penny. Being the only short term DPS cooldown in the game will make it very highly sought after.

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