BfA Goldmaking: What am I personally doing?

I got a question from a patron related to making enough gold for several tokens a month recently, and this has inspired me to write about what I personally do in BfA. If I wanted to hit multiple tokens a month I would essentially just scale the method I am doing by spending more time on it. 

Time efficiency is king

If you want to make very large amounts of gold you have to be EXTREMELY efficient with your time. I’m personally in a position in life where my schedule is REALLY packed. I have a full time job, and a daughter at 1.5 years old, so I need to be very efficient to make gold. This is why I do not farm at all. Flipping is just so much more time efficient. 

By far the best market in the game for time efficiency and big sales is of course BoE flipping. High end items are always extremely expensive, and you can make 100k+ on a single item, which is maybe 5 minutes of work including a large number of reposts.

Total AH value is the way to increase sales

This is the other major idea behind my setup. I want to maximize the amount of stuff I can post on the auction house, as more items for sales mean more sales. With fairly short gaming sessions that are spread out in time it does not make sense to focus too much on one realm. I can only really run one scan a day per server. So I do flipping on multiple realms. If I only did this on one realm I would literally be done after running my shopping scan, and not have anything to do for the rest of the day. 

By adding multiple realms I can just jump over to the next one, and get access to way more deals. 

Current setup

Currently I am on 9 different EU realms. For the most part I only sell two groups of items, battle pets and BoEs. The battle pets are only really there to provide me with stock on a new realm. They generate a small amount of sales, but it is not too significant. For starting on a new realm they are essential however, as they are the only way to move gold between realms without having to pay for it. 

The BoE flipping I do is exactly as I have written about it. I’ve done really well with Dazar’alor BoEs even in the era of Eternal Palace, and I expect Eternal Palace BoEs will do really well in 8.3. For battle pets I have not shared my settings publicly, but you can find the general idea in this post.  

Getting uber-rich

If you want to reach for the stars this is one of the most efficient ways of doing it. You can scale this by adding more realms or by more frequently scanning for items and posting them, and both will give you a lot more gold than what I make if you dedicate the time to it!

Good luck!

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