Battle for Azeroth: Enchanting guide

Today we will look into BfA enchanting. It will likely start looking much more interesting this week now that M+ and raids are out.

In this post we will be focusing on the BiS enchants and how you can go about crafting and which enchants are likely to be in demand.

I sold my first enchants on Wednesday after I reset the market for Quick Navigations. Going forward I expect rank 3s to be profitable for a long time.

Enchanting Sales

Enchanting overview

Enchanting is the only crafting profession that can craft enchants. These are spells that will enhance a piece of equipment with stats or other useful effects.

The crafting materials are obtained by disenchanting gear. This turns your gear into one of the three materials based on the rarity of the gear you disenchant.

The main ways to make gold with enchanting is typically to craft the various BiS enchants and post them to the auction house and the enchanting “shuffle”.

The shuffles

Shuffles are a process where you take a raw material craft lots of items and then you shuffle them into other materials. This is usually done with enchanting, but can also be done with the scrapper or the obliterum forge in Legion.

Enchanting gets all it’s materials from gear and the shuffles are usually profitable, even if they are time consuming.

In BfA the most promising shuffles will be the usual suspects. Leatherworking and tailoring uncommon bracers are the cheapest crafts and you can make a large number of them to disenchant.

It may be possible to profitable shuffle some item level 300 gear as well, but I doubt that veiled crystal prices will hold up.

Preliminary yields

I did some testing earlier today where I crafted and disenchanted about 227 bracers. I did not track how many rares I got, but I did some estimates.

The rare versions will give 1-2 Umbra Shards and 1-2 Gloom Dusts. It looked like I had about 10% rares in my sample. The average for the uncommon versions where about 6 Gloom dusts per bracer.

So if the crafting cost of one bracer is less than 6 times the gloom dust price you should go ahead and shuffle them into enchanting materials.

The enchants

Enchanting can craft enchants for two slots in BfA: Weapons and rings. I expect both slots will be great from a profit point of view, this was certainly the case throughout Legion. There are a large number of enchants this time around, particularly for weapons, so stocking the right ones will be key.

Weapon enchants

Right now weapon enchants are generally sold below crafting cost. This is primarily due to the fact that they are the best way to level the profession, so you need to craft a substantial amount of them. Couple this with the low initial demand and we get a significant oversupply.

BfA Weapon Enchants

I expect this to change, particularly for the most popular enchants. As there are so many we will need to figure out which we need to craft. I went through all the class guides on Icy-veins to figure out which enchants are BiS, and which are not. I just took all the enchants that were mentioned in every class guide. The results are in the table below. As you can see quick navigation is by far the most widely used one, and will be the best seller by far.

Distribution of Weapon enchants by spec

Ring Enchants

BfA Ring enchants

Ring enchants are not selling below crafting cost at the moment. The main reason is of course the fact that they are much more expensive to craft than the weapon enchants, so no one’s crafting them for leveling.

There are 4 ring enchants, one for each secondary stat type. It’s only the pact version that will be economically significant as players are typically not to interested in non BiS enchants.

If we go by the distribution of weapon enchants it looks like haste will be the most popular one.

Overall I expect all 4 versions to sell decently, just as they did in Legion.

Sourcing materials

Enchanting materials shopping scan

Sourcing your materials can be annoying as an enchanter. Especially the epic material that can only be obtained from disenchanting epics.

It is typically helpful to have enchanting on your main, particularly if you play a lot of dungeons as you will get a good amount of free crystals.

Gloom dust looks like it will be very easy to get in BfA, with an average yield of 6 from the crafted gear. Umbra shards will be comparatively harder to get, and I haven’t found any meaningful ways to mass produce them yet.

You will most likely have to buy a substantial amount of materials from the AH, particularly if you want to craft heavily.

Keeping inventory

It is typically very nice to keep a good amount of inventory in Enchanting. I would not recommend stocking up massive amounts of finished crafts right now though. We still don’t know exactly how raid launches will affect prices.

The influx of epics will help drive the Veiled Crystal prices down so we should see the crafting cost trend downwards, while demand will go up.

I will eventually go up 20 of each on the enchants I want to keep in stock.

Sell on raid reset night

Enchanting is market that is absolutely crazy on raid reset nights. Make sure you are reposting often as enchants will fly off the shelves.

TSM settings

My TSM settings are very simple for this market. We post one each and the minimum price is based on 120 % crafting to ensure a decent profit margin.

It will post 1 of each weapon enchant and one of each pact enchant. I have not added groups for any of the low level enchants yet, but I will do that shortly. They will only really be relevant when they are used for the warfront turn-ins, but considering how cheap they are to stock, we will definitely be keeping them in our inventory.

You can find my settings in my pastebin as usual. 


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13 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth: Enchanting guide

    1. That’s really bad. Are you using the default material pricing in TSM? Keep in mind that Veiled Crystals may be falling quickly in price. On my realm the minbuyout is 1.3k less than DBmarket, and the default material value only uses dbmarket.

      1. Veiled Crystals are 800g cheaper than market on my server. Even still, I would barely break even. I guess I will just wait a few weeks and see if the market gets better. I have enough gold until then, just not sure what to do besides sit on my hands. Lol

      2. Ahhh, this is my problem. This is similar on my server as well. So should I change pricing in my TSM to calculate crafting cost for min buyout, rather than dbmarket?

  1. So that’s why Quick Nav sells much faster than Masterful does. I figured it was more classes using haste.

    I have a question for Alchemy. How much should I sink into a day of flask sales? …..I don’t know if I worded that properly. Basically flasks sell for 200-300 gold less than material cost, but I have rank 3 of all of them. However, for example, This week I spent 200k on materials to make flasks, and after they all sold I made….200k. So I basically wasted my time doing that. Do I need to make 200-300 flasks for the rank 3 rng to make a profit?

  2. So, should I buy materials during the week, and then only sell enchants on raid reset night? Or just watch throughout the week at prices? On my server, there’s so much competition that I could never sell at 120% DB market. For ring enchants, that would be about 8k gold, when they are only selling for 6k gold.

    1. I sell enchants at 120% of crafting cost. Buy materials whenever they are cheap and keep your enchants posted throughout the week. Raid reset days you want to repost them a lot more often if you can, every 30 minutes can be good as you will often sell some of the enchants that quickly.

  3. It tells me quite often that it can’t post cause the “max price (first(500% dbmarket, 500% dbregionmarketavg)) is lower than the min price (120% crafting)…

    1. If that’s true then the crafts are probably not worth it as a 20% profit margin would be 5 times the market value.

      If you want to fix the operation an easy change ia to set the max price to 300%crafting.

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