Battle for Azeroth: Enchanting Preview

Enchanting is the next profession in my series of previews of the various BfA professions. Enchanting has typically been one of the best gold making professions and this seems to still be the case in BfA.

Recipes and ranks

Once again we are still in the dark on how and where the recipes are obtained. As we get closer to launch there will likely be more updated information on this note.

What can Enchanters craft?

As usual enchanting is primarily focused on their namesake, the enchants. In addition to those enchanters can craft wands and do the shuffle for materials.

  • Weapon enchants
  • Glove enchants
  • Ring enchants
  • Wands
  • Shuffles

This list only contains the items that can actually be traded as we are focused on the gold making aspects of the profession.

Weapon enchants

BfA brings with it the return of weapon enchants to the game! After an absence in Legion this will be an amazing market. You will typically upgrade your weapons more often than you upgraded necks in Legion. Then add the fact that several classes dual wield weapons. This will obviously be the main market for enchanters and they will be GREAT gold makers.

Enchants are high in demand and sell often.

Glove enchants

BfA adds some new glove enchants that are focused on professions. These give bonuses either when gathering or crafting. While these will be extremely useful, I don’t think they will be too strong as gold makers. You don’t need to get this again when you get new gloves as you can just keep your old ones. That being said it will be easier to add them to your new gloves.

Either way this will only be relevant for players that care about the profession side of the game, which is not everyone.

Ring Enchants

Ring enchants were the bread and butter of enchanting in Legion. There are two levels of enchants, but as in Legion I only really expect the BiS versions to sell. The enchants give secondary stats and will be GREAT sellers throughout the expansion. Getting early rank 3s will let you get away with some massive profit margins as well.


In addition to the enchants you can craft wands as an enchanter. As with other crafted items I expect these to have some value. Sadly wands are not the best slot as any players will have to buy an off-hand as well. It will likely be more cost effective to by a 2-handed staff for the majority of casters to get their character kitted. Some specs might be better of with combinations of 1-hand and off-hands depending on stat distributions and weights, but most likely this will be a fairly niche market.


Enchanters will typically have access to shuffles were you craft items from some other profession in large quantities to disenchant for materials. In Legion the main shuffles used leatherworking and tailoring with enchanting. What the best shuffle will be in BfA is up in the air, but these are usually profitable and a great entry point as the capital requirement is low and items move fast.

Overall Impression

Enchanting will retain it’s spot amongst the best gold making professions in BfA. As long as you have access to enchants this profession will always be top tier, just due to the massive demand.

The addition of wands will be a nice one, but overall the weapon and ring enchants will carry your profits here, together with the shuffles to obtain materials.

This is definitely one of my top picks for professions in BfA, just as in pretty much every other expansion.

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3 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth: Enchanting Preview

  1. I got tailoring and engineering on my mage. Should I swap one of those for enchanting or not? Cause some old crafts (engineering mounts) and scavenging cloth buff, took a lot of time to invest in in the past. Also, I got enchanting and alchemy on one of my alts. But that’s the problem: the most gold profits will be in the start of the exp… So I can’t pick my alt above my main just for the enchanting, or can I ?

    1. If you have old world recipes I would just keep your professions as they are, and then level your alt as soon as possible to get access to all of the professions.

  2. Since enchanting appears like it will remain a top tier goldmaking profession, what would you recommend pairing it with?

    My thoughts on it:

    Tailoring – very traditional 2nd with enchanting since Vanilla, always useful for cloth shuffles, bonus is that tailoring is self sustaining with cloth drops from mobs.

    Jewelcrafting – could be useful for overlap in terms of faction rep required for recipes, also both types of gear enhancements (gems and enchants) van be made by 1 character, BoP gems and self-use only enchants are unlikely, but a bonus if they exist in BfA.

    Leatherworking – good for leather shuffles, small bonus if you make BoP gear levelling leatherworking and van disenchant it.

    Blacksmithing – same as leatherworking.

    Alchemy, Engineering, Inscription – …..hold on…..wait a moment,….nope, still nothing,…I’m seriously drawing blanks here,…as in…no clue at all.

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