An overview of the Legion Enchanting shuffles!

Today I’m going to give you an overview of the Legion shuffles that center on enchanting. These methods are used to turn various trade goods such as ores, leather and cloth into enchanting materials. This can be very profitable, but it usually reuquires a lot of clicking as you need to disenchant a ton of items. You will also be able to stock up some decent amounts of Blood of Sargeras from this. Which is amazing if you are crafting anything capped by the bloods.

What is a shuffle?

A shuffle is simply put a method where you take some trade skill material and craft it and then do something more with the crafted item rather than selling it straight up. In Legion the main shuffles focus on getting enchanting materials or obliterum for the most part. I have written about the embersilk shuffle earlier as an example of an old expansion shuffle. In general shuffles are crafting intensive, but usually quite profitable. You can usually move as much material as you can be bothered to through the shuffle.

The Legion shuffles

The Legion enchanting shuffles focus on taking cloth, ore or leather and turning them into enchanting materials. The legion crafts will normally turn into one Leylight Shard. All the crafts used to shuffle enchanting materials have a 15% chance to turn into an epic version. These will disenchant into Chaos Crystals 10% of the time. In total that means that each craft has a 1.5% chance of turning into a Chaos Crystal. In addition to this you will get a Blood of Sargeras on 5% of your disenchants.

As usual when there’s RNG involved you want to rely on the law of Large numbers to ensure a profit.

A note on TSM Disenchant value

The TSM Disenchant value only holds for the version you are hovering. It will slightly underestimate the expected value of crafting the item as you will be getting about 15% epics with a 10 % chance of giving you a Chaos Crystal. If you can use Blood of Sargeras for some of the more profitable recipes this will also be bringing in more value as they are generally not too farmable.

As you see in the screenshot of battlebound armbands tooltip here the disenchant value for one is slightly below the crafting value. I know that my TSM settings undervalue bloods and that I will betting epics so the shuffle is likely profitable. My spreadsheet will show you the true disenchant value for all LW and tailoring recipes, so make sure you check that out if you are uncertain.


Leatherworking is one of the mainstays of Legion shuffling. To be maximally efficient you want the rank 3 versions of Battlebound and Warhide bracers. These take 9 Stormscale or Stonehide Leather each to craft and can be disenchanted as below. The rank 3 recipes are gated behind world quests, so make sure you check them regularily if you do not have them yet.

A simple heuristic is to buy leather for one ninth the price of a Leylight shard or 1/3 the price of Arkhana. This ensures a profit when you include the epic procs and Blood of Sargeras. Any materials cheaper than that will be pure bonus. You can usually find leather being sold in bulk by farmers, so this shuffle is easy to keep stocked for.


Tailoring is the second really popular Enchanting shuffle in Legion. Here you will also be using the bracer recipe. Rank 3 Silkweave bracers take 9 Shal’dorei Silk and 1 Runic Catgut (50 silver at the tailoring supplies vendor). This recipe is also gated behind a world quest so keep on the lookout for it on your tailor.

For purchasing Shal’dorei Silk the same heuristic as for leather holds true. Buy it at 1/9 the price of Leylight Shards or 1/3 the price of Arkhana and you will be making a profit.


This shuffle is a bit less straight forward than the ones for Leatherworking and Tailoring. The idea is to shuffle your uncommon gems from prospecting as these generally have low value. I have personally only really used this on the results from my own prospecting, but you can also buy gems from the Auction House. The recipes you are looking at are primarily the rank 3 ring recipes (Skystone loop, Azsunite loop etc.). They take 2 of the primary colored gem of the ring and one Chaotic Spinel. The problem with this approach is that you will run out of Chaotic Spinels. You can also use the rank 3 necklaces based on the same gems. They take 5 Azsunite (or Skystone etc.) and 1 Sangrite. Sangrite are way less desireable and can usually be found around vendor value.

The bes recipe will depend on the relative prices of Chaotic Spinels, Sangrite and the other gems. Sadly this means that there are no simple rule of thumbs to follow. I suggest comparing the TSM disenchant value found in the tooltip with the TSM crafting cost. You can also use my Spreadsheet, which will tell you if it is profitable to shuffle the uncommons into enchanting materials.

Now we shuffle

The actual shuffling just means crafting as many items of the type you identified as profitable as you can. Then you send them all to your enchanters and disenchant them. To ease your disenchanting you should be using the TSM destroying UI. You can open it by typing “/TSM destroy” into chat. I also strongly suggest binding the Destroy next button to your TSM macro. This allows you to disenchant the next item on your list by scrolling the mousewheel while holding down a modifier key (Default control). Clicking too much can give you RSI, so best to reduce the stress. It will also speed up the process so this is optimal in every way.

What do we do with the enchanting mats?

You have several choices for utilizing the materials in the best way possible. Ring enchants are generally really profitable and they can be turned into obliterum as well. You can also sell the materials on the AH directly. This is the simplest way to unload. Make sure to sell in larger stacks so you can overcut the minimum price. Using Ley Shatter to turn Leylight Shards into Arkhana will often be profitable as enchanters need way more Arkhana than Leylight Shards. As a big enchanter I will literally by thousands of Arkhana at the time in stacks of 200 if I can.

Easter holiday

I’ll be gone on easter holiday for the next week. I’m leaving for the Mountains tomorrow. This means no updates on my Zero to One Million challenge this week or the next. I’m back in civilization on next sunday, so no WoW until then sadly. I will try to stay abreast of what is happening on twitter and check in on discord when I can.

Happy Holidays



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