BFA Goldmaking: Cooking in 8.3

Cooking has been a strong goldmaking profession for a long time. 8.3 added some new cooking recipes focused on getting buffs inside visions, so let’s take a look at how we can make a profit with them. 

Cooking basics

If you’re already familiar with cooking as a profession you can skip this paragraph. 

Cooking is a secondary profession, which means you can always have it on every character. It crafts consumable food that typically also gives you a temporary buff. The temporary buffs are often really good and one of the few sources of buffs in raids. Players looking to maximize their performance will usually have a stack or two on them at most times. 

They typically rely on meat and fish as materials, with fish being generated from fishing, and the various meat types dropping from beasts out in the world. 

New materials in 8.3

8.3 added three new materials that are the primary materials used in the new recipes. Two types of fish called Aberrant Voidfin and Malformed Gnashers and one type of meat called Questionable meat. 

The fish is obviously obtained from fishing in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms or Uldum. There are more Voidfins in the vale and more Gnashers in Uldum, but both can be fished in both zones. The questionable meat drops from beasts inside the corrupted zones, so just go to town farming there if needed. 

New recipes

8.3 added a whooping 5 new recipes. All of them are trainable at level 1, which makes the barrier to entry incredibly low. All the new crafted foods is used to give you temporary buffs in the visions of N’Zoth and Horrific visions added in 8.3.

Players looking to maximize the gains from visions will probably be using all the foods. The buffs they give are: 

  • Baked Voidfin: 20% movement speed
  • Dubious Delight: 20% reduced crowd control duration
  • Ghastly Goulash: 2% health regen per second
  • Grilled Gnasher: Reduced aggro range
  • K’bab: restore 100 sanity

I have found that the Baked Voidfin sells fastest, but all of them sell well as the screenshots show. 

Crafting and restocking

All of them use some combination of the new materials alongside Aromatic Fish Oil and some of the vendor materials. You can make Aromatic Fish Oil from any BfA fish, so just figure out which one is cheapest on your realm and use that one. Then it’s just a matter of purchasing the materials you need to craft. 

I would suggest starting with 50 of each food, then you can see what sells on your realm and restock more as you learn. Make sure you experiment with the amount you craft and post on the AH to find the level that works on your realm. 

TSM Settings

My TSM settings will post 100 of each food. As usual we use the crafting cost as the base price source. I definitely suggest tinkering with the amount posted and how often you cancel and repost to figure out the right balance on your realm. I reposted quite a bit for my 30 days to a token challenge and that worked quite well. 

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