BfA goldmaking: Now is the time for cosmetics

I just sold a Felsteel Longblade for 160 000 gold. The crafting cost is just 30 000 gold. Transmog season is definitely on, and you should go take advantage!

The content lull

We are now in the well known content lull phase of BfA, waiting for the next patch. There’s not much left to do in terms of difficult max level content so players head to the cosmetics section to spend their gold. 

Now is the time to get into transmog and mounts to take advantage of this. Competition is definitely at a low point for some of these markets as well, so if the profits are there you should DIVE in. 

Crafting or flipping

Both will work. Flipping transmog is more time consuming though, as you have to restock consistently to keep prices down and your own auctions on top. Flipping will also give you access to by far the largest number of items, but it is much slower to get started with as you need to gradually build up stock. With crafting you can just do one big crafting session and end up with a tone of items. 

Focus on rare items

Focus on rare and demand items. Transmog is a bit of a volume game, and you want to maximize the potential value per item. Posting thousands of 500 gold items is a losing proposition as it’s never worth the time. 

So focus on higher value stuff. The exact cutoff will differ, but i would say about 5k as the minimum. 

Some markets

I’ve written extensively on various cosmetic markets in the past. My favorites are various rare crafted transmog and the luxury crafted mounts. You can also consider doing some transmog flipping. My own transmog flipping group is sadly very outdated and it’s not a market I focus on. I would use Sheyrah’s group if I was going to enter that market again, so check that out here, and the accompanying reddit post that goes VERY in-depth on the operations. 

Get moving

Competition is low as a lot of people are in classic. My AH had run dry on felsteel longblades for the first time in literally a year, so take advantage if similar things are happening on your realms!

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