Google Spreadsheet for Enchanting and Jewelcrafting

I finally got around to making a fully Automated google spreadsheet version of my jewelcrafting and enchanting spreadsheet. This will now work for people who don’t have Microsoft Office.

The pages look exactly the same the only difference is in how the data is downloaded. You fill in your Api Key, Region and server as outlined in my post about the xlsx version of my spreadsheet here.

The formulas in this sheet will automatically download the prices as soon as you have filled in your ApiKey, Region and Realm with no extra presses needed. I rely on the google sheet importdata() function to get the data.

The spreadsheet is a bit slow when downloading data, so don’t be scared if it takes several minutes to get all the prices.

I now use a different API method than in my other sheet. This gets the price per item instead of downloading all the pricing data for the entire AH. This API-call is limited to 500 calls per day. The spreadsheet contains 54 different items, so you can do a full update 9 times per day maximum before you run our of possible calls to the TSM API.

Anyway, Happy hunting with this one!

Feel free to pop any questions or report bugs to me either through my blog, twitter or my discord found here:

10 thoughts on “Google Spreadsheet for Enchanting and Jewelcrafting

    1. They dont exist in the google sheet. Prices should automatically start getting downloaded as soon as you have entered your api-key realm and region.

      It might take a while for all the prices to populate though. I’m no exactly certain how often the ImportData is called, I’m looking into some changes to make it more controllable

  1. I was able to get it to update with your original realm and region but when I changed it to my own, it was not updating any of the entries. I am on US Gorefiend.

  2. When im using the google spreadsheet the “best method” section for JC is all #NA. Im not sure why this is happening

  3. I’m having the same problem as the above poster. It works with your region/realm, but I put mine in and waited over a half hour and nothing happened at all.

  4. I have tried the newest spreadsheet you posted (in the above comment 12/23) but am still having some issues. After making a copy of the sheet and entering my API key, region, and server, only some of the lines on the Data tab pulled in data (what did fill in took 30+ minutes). The remaining ones all still have a #REF error, any suggestions?

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