The best goldmaking profession in classic? Alchemy Gold Guide!

Today we’ll take a quick look at some of the more useful alchemy consumables in phase 1!

Consumables are OP

Classic has some absolutely incredibly overpowered consumables. In general we want to focus on potions and elixirs that give bonuses to throughput (damage or healing), and various utility consumables. In general players are VERY willing to spend gold to heal more, do damage or stay alive.

The top recipes

Here’s my list of recipes that should be good this phase, with a quick explanation of what they do.

Getting the recipes

We can see that most of the top recipes this phase either are world drops or from limited stock vendors. They are most likely well worth paying a premium for on the AH, but I would double check recipe and finished potion prices on your realm!

TSM Setup

To sell the items we will prefer to post in a variety of different stack sizes. Right now players don’t have too much extra gold, so I suspect smaller stack sizes are better, but having higher stack sizes at a slight premium is usually a great advantage. I’ve made a group with all of these recipes and settings to post and restock them. Get it below and get working on the AH!

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