Does 10.2 change anything for goldmaking at all?

Blizzard has just announced 10.2 and the first couple of changes coming have been presented.

Crests are coming back

The universal upgrade system for loot is coming back. Obviously PTR is barely out, so we don’t know if professions will be involved or not. Either way crests weren’t fantastic for gold, but the economy surrounding them did have a large impact on 10.1, with Dracothysts leading the charge

Speaking of Dracothysts

As of the first PTR build the recipe costs for the new crests for upgrading the item level of crafted items is the exact same cost as the current set of crests, including the Dracothyst. Now this is obviously subject to change, and I would be a little surprised if Dracothysts stayed.

New embellishments

We’re also getting new optional reagent embellishments. There’s 3 of them, Dreamtender’s Charm which gives crit above 70% HP, Verdant Conduit that gives you a secondary stat proc and Verdant Tether for healers that increases the versatility of whoever you heal. Tether seems very good for healers, Dreamtender’s seems pointless. Verdant conduit looks similar to Lariat in effect type, so tuning is the question here. Either way you are selling into the region wide AH, so expect a similar behaviour to shadowflame armor patches.

New gear

We’re also getting a new set of combatant gear obviously. Nothing ultra exciting about this, but it can provide some profit, particularly early on when players are gearing new classes for PvP. There’s currently one new epic recipe, which seems to be geared towards paladins with a healing

Contracts and vantus

Lastly we obviously have new contracts and Vantus Runes. It’s early days still to know how important Dream Wardens renown and thus rep will be. I expect these will sell, but mostly be a low margin very high volume play as usual.

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