This Tailoring build is amazing for your alts!

Today we are looking at a profession build that works really well for an alt army, we’re going to be crafting the cooldown cloth from tailoring.

The two bolts

In the Draconic Needlework tree of the tailoring knowledge tree there are two different cooldown cloth bolts you can learn. Azureweave and Chronocloth. Their primary use is in epic Tailoring gear, and in the epic spellthread enchants for pants. This makes the materials very valuable, particularly quality 3.

Inspiration build

As with many other recipes the way to go is an inspiration build. The bolts have a recipe difficulty of 425, and the only realistic way to reach that is through inspiration. This means you need a good bit of knowledge to reach the quality 3 breakpoint as you will be putting 40 points into the generic tree to max the inspiration Node. I would pick one cloth type and get to the end node, and then put points into the Draconic Needlework base node. This will get you access to both sides of the tree. I’ve not done the math on the absolutely optimal build, but something like this is a good base to build on. The textiles tree and bolt crafting nodes also affect cooldown cloth, so there’s a good amount of multicraft and resourcefulness to grab here as well.

The looms

You can only craft these items at their respective Looms. The Temporal Loom is in the Temporal Conflux in Thaldraszus. It is an advantage to have done the questline, but you can still get to the loom without aggroing mobs by landing on the ledge. The azure loom is by the Azure Vault and does not have any mobs in the way.

Profession stats

Obviously both Multicraft and Inspiration will be very important for this build. Both stats will significantly increase your profit and you want to grab these from knowledge. CraftSim can tell you what the best stat is and you should be putting that on your profession tool. I expect that inspiration will be the enchant to choose in most cases.

Other crafts

The nice thing about this build is that you can pivot into Textiles. This means you can also pivot into getting enough skill to hit skill break points for other cloth bolts or for the spellthreads to reach quality 3 on those. I would lean towards spellthreads if you want to do active goldmaking, or just maxing out all of the various cooldown cloth nodes if you want a more passive approach.

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2 thoughts on “This Tailoring build is amazing for your alts!

  1. I did this for several alts, except I decided to go even on the two bolts before I went inspiration. any lower quality bolts are going to go towards the bags (I have the azureweave bag recipe, close to the chronocloth one too).

    1. That’s definitely a possibility too, requires a bit more knowledge or more renown to make it work.

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