These are the BEST goldmaking niches in 10.1!

I’ve covered the new recipes in 10.1, so here are my thoughts on what will be the best professions for making gold in 10.1.

The general trends of profit in Dragonflight

I’m organizing the list into rough tiers, and as with any predictions this is risky business. Generally speaking better methods will be professions that can avoid the region wide auction house for sales. The best method in Dragonflight has been selling crafting orders, particularly the Elemental Lariat and other very high demand items. I’ll be ranking the main niches and placing professions and specific items within these niches.

Region wide utility

Items like optional reagents, missives and finishing reagents that sell on the region wide AH are in this pile. Generally speaking the sale rate is on the lower end as players typically only need a small amount of these.

Region wide power

The next step up is region wide power increaseing items. This includes potions, gems, enchants etc. Anything that increases player power directly and that you have to sell on the region wide AH. If you have a lot of time to repost auctions, then the potential in these markets is often high, but you are in a volume game, with small margins and absolutely huge volume of items. I like gems a lot, as it does not require too much knowledge. Both alchemy and enchanting will require almost maxed bonuses to be profitable, making them both harder to get into, and potentially better. For the sake of this analysis, I also include the various crafted intermediate reagents in this group, with professions like tailoring and engineering in particular having things to craft there.

Realm specific utility

These are items with some form of utility you sell on your realm AH. Examples include the Zapthrottle soul inhaler, various toys, bags etc. These items are nice because you only have to compete with your realm, but the utility nature means they have less potential than items that directly increase player power.

Mass crafting orders

This is essentially just the new upgrade items. Crafting orders where there is zero question about the outcome. Players will want a large amount of these upgrade items, and since they are only sold through orders, they are realm specific. This means you are competing in a smaller pool. Getting the recipes for the new infusions early can likely make you a lot of gold, so get farming for these crests.

Specialized orders

This is still probably the best way to make gold in Dragonflight. It requires sitting in trade and spamming to get deals, but getting max item level crafted gear is something players are very willing to pay for. Lariat is looking like it will still be the premier item, even after the nerf. That along with weapons are the best specializations by far as it targets the largest number of classes. It’s possible to have most of the weapon recipes maxed by now, and if that’s you you will probably see a huge surge in demand after the patch hits.

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One thought on “These are the BEST goldmaking niches in 10.1!

  1. What rare gems should be crafted for the best profit gain? I have all rare gems at rank 3.

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