How to unlock and profit from the new Old Naxxramas recipes

10.1.5 is out and we have now actually figured out how to obtain the new recipes. So buckle in!

Prices yowza

This is what the AH on my main realm looks like right now. As we can see there are some VERY expensive items, and so far very few people have recipes at all, and a lot of items are completely missing from the AH.

Unlocking Scholomance

Unlocking access to Old Scholomance and Old Naxxramas is quite the process. To start it you need to have the Krastinov’s Bag of Horros Toy. This drops drom Doctore Theolen Krastinov, which is a rare spawn in heroic scholomance. This means you can only run it once per day per character. I didn’t manage to get my toy across 7 runs today, so the spawn rate is not super high. He spawns just after rattlegore, and you have to kill Rattlegore for him to spawn. If you have alts, station them up there so you can more quickly blast through.

To unlock Scholomance you then go to Theolens old room which is the top center room in around the final room of scholomance. Use the toy on top of a bag of bones and you can start. You then need to upgrade a Spectral Essence, which requires 3 dark runes and 5 Essence of Undeath. Next up you can loot Eva’s Femur from where she was in Scholomance. Then you have to run around Scholomance, Stratholme and the Plaguelands to loot 5 items you turn in for candles in Caer Darrow. Then you can go right in the scholomance hbuilding and perform a ritual to get access to Old Scholomance. For a more detailed run through, I suggest the WoWhead guide. Once you’ve done this you can farm Old Scholo for transmog, as well as the ancient recipes that drop in Scholomance.

Wowhead Guide

Unlocking Naxxramas

Next up we can work on unlocking Naxx. Now we go into old Scholomance and clear until Rattlegore. There we can find a Cracked Argent Dawn Commision on the first bonepile on the left. This can be repaired with 1 Righteous Orb and 4 Truesilver bars. You can now equip the commision and go kill Darkmaster Gandling in Old Cholo. You will now get his Scourgestone which starts a quest you turn in in Light’s Hope Chapel.

Now you need to go into Stratholme on the live side. Kill Eyes of Naxxramas until they drop a Ward of Naxxramas, and loot supply crates to get some Stratholme Holy Water (you’ll need more than 1 so grab all the ones you find). Left of the Crusader’s Cathedral you can use the ward of Naxxramas and you can now see a WDread Ward of Naxxramas. Throw a holy water on it and prepare to run. You now need to clear through the entire undead side and kill Rivendare in less than 5 minutes. Then you will find a hand of Naxxramas NPC at the gate outside the slaughterhouse that you can use an extra action button to burn. You can now head back to Light’s Hope Chapel where Archmage Angela Dosantos will give you a quest to unlock old Naxx. Depending on your reputation level you may need to pay some classic materials (or even grind rep to honored if you havent. This will get you access to old naxxramas on all your characters and the achievment Wards of the Dread Citadel.

For more details check the wowhead guide.

Unlocking recipes

Finally we can unlock the recipe vendor. Now we have to collect materials for a grappling hook. One piece drops from Faerlina in old Naxx. One piece is in the construct quarter and the last piece can be fished from any slime in Naxxramas. The grappling hook will allow us to grapple through Thaddius’ room to find Zacket Skullsmash, a goblin NPC. Before you head towards him you need to have 20 invader’s Scourgestones from Scholo and Strat Bosses, 5 Corruptor’s Scourgestones from bosses in Naxxramas, 3 Dark Runes and 1 Black Coffe (vendors in Shattrath/stormwind/Dazar’alor). You also need 2 Stratholme Holy waters. Wake him up with the holy water and turn in the quest. Zackett will then move to the middle of Naxxramas and set up shop.

Death’s bargaining Chip.

His main Currency is Death’s bargaining chips which you can buy from him. 1 Corruptor’s Scourgestone or 10 Invader’s Scourgestones will get you a chip. The various things you can purchase from him are shown in the table below, with the most important piece being the 12 Chips for a random ancient recipe from Naxxramas. According to Wowhead the Bargaining Chip is account bound and possibly an item. I can’t test it yet, but if so you can farm naxx on all your characters and pool to your blacksmith, as the juiciest recipes are the weapon ones. The recipes are tradeable on the AH, so you can make a good chunk selling them, or send them to your crafter to get crafting.

Tier 3

We also know more about Tier 3 crafting. The BoP items needed to purify a lamented piece can only be obtained if you have a full set of tier 3 on one of your characters. On the positive side you can get these items crafted with work orders. The Phylacterweave needed to finish the items is simply a gold sink. It costs 2000 per, and you need to spend a total of 2.8 million to get enough for a full Tier 3 set. You can also gamble for lamented pieces, which are tradeable on the AH. Supply right now is very low, but the price is also incredibly high, so not sure how the market is.

Gold potential

As of recording a full clear of Old Naxx with a couple of Stratholme or scholo clears will get you enough for an ancient recipe. Considering these are selling as high as 300k this is fairly good gold per hour. For some of the finished items the current AH price is also 300k+ with only 1 or 0 crafters. I think both approaches can make sense, and the  barrier to entry for your competition is very high. It’s still early days to figure out what the most in-demand recipe is, but this is looking fairly juicy.

TSM Settings

Below you can find a TSM group that includes all the items and simple crafting based operations to post them to the AH. I have not split them up further as we can just let operations and the limit of what recipes you have do any personal adaptation. Good luck!

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