Make easy gold by Flipping Legion BoE Items

Flipping Legion BoE items has been one of the more lucrative markets in Legion. I have covered it slightly before, but the time is ripe to dig much deeper.

If you have no idea what flipping is make sure you check out my posts on flipping transmog and Legion materials. The Legion BoE market can be difficult to break into as you need a decent bit of capital and there is ample opportunity to screw up. If you buy the wrong item at the wrong price you can stand quite a few thousand gold. You cannot automate this completely with TSM as you will need to make your decisions yourself.

Margins on flipping Legion BoE items can be really high and the thrill when you resell something for an 80 000 gold profit is pretty amazing.

How have I been doing?

Here’s the TSM summary for my Legion BoE group. As you can see my profit in terms of liquid gold is only about 300 000, but we also need to include the items I have that have not sold yet. When flipping Legion BoE items you will end up with a lot of stock.

In addition to the gold I have made I have a lot of items up on the Auction House however. My Inventory is shown on the Screenshot below. As you can see the total value of my unsold items is around 1.4 million gold.

This is only on my main realm. I have also had great successes on my off-realms so I strongly suggest trying this out.

The items

Epics in Legion can drop in many different versions. They are part of the titanforging system so every time an epic drops the game rolls to figure out which item level version and whether or not you get extra stats. This means that there is an extremely large number of variations of every item.

There are two main categories of BoEs in Legion. Ones that require level 101 and epics that require level 110 to equip. These two categories have very different demand. The 101s are generally used by people who want to create a level 101 twink. If you gear up a 101 with tons of BoEs it can farm extremely efficiently. Items with leech are particularly in demand as they can allow you to solo dungeons and generally farm forever anywhere. Mostly all 101s can sell depending on the price, but obviously higher item levels command higher prices. In addition leech and sockets will generally give a higher price.

For the level 110 ones the only real use is to gear up full level characters. This means that the lower item level versions have very low demand. There are very few people who are willing to pay a lot for 870s or below. Generally I find that the best deals in this category by far are at the top of the Item level range. Flipping very high item level items can be very lucrative. These are sought after by people gearing alts or mains and who want a quick boost. so keep a good eye out for ilvl 900 and above.

Make your money when you buy

When you are flipping it is incredibly important to make your money when you buy. What this means is that you need to make sure you buy the items at the right price to guarantee your profits. People won’t pay up too high so rely on buying cheap to make money.

Buying Legion BoEs is an involved process. You can get away with buying everything below some threshold only if you have a lot of gold. I prefer doing my own analysis to make sure I don’t get burned. The Various Item level versions will also likely have very different profit margins. Sadly there is no easy way to create a good TSM group that you can use for shopping scans. If you just use the base item then the price sorting gets screwed up and if you try to construct a group that contains every variation then the scan takes way too long to finish.

Buying the epics using TSM strings

Luckily there are some tricks you can use in TSM to speed up the process as much as possible. Instead of using a group to search we will use two different search strings to easily get the results we care about in a nice and efficient manner. One for 101s and one for 110s. The two searches we want to use are: /101/101/i835/Epic and /110/i850/Epic.  Click the Import favorite search button at the bottom left of the saved searches screen and paste the strings to make sure you have it easily available. You can then just click them from the favorite search box to run them.

The search results will look something like the screenshot below. I usually expand out one item at the time to compare the various item level versions and see if any of the deals look good. You will have to do this manually when using this method, and making the wrong call can and will burn you. The search is automatically sorted according to the percentage of the market value. I usually do not buy above 70%, bu you can find good deals above as well.

Making Correct buying decisions

Start with the top item and double click it to expand it out and see all ilvl versions. For the 110 epics I usually do not bother with items below 880, but you can find deals at any ilvl. If we expand out the Mana-cord of Deception results we see the versions ranked by percentage of market value. This ranking works separately for each sub-version of the item so the best deals are always on top. If two items have the same item level but different prices and percentages chances are one of them has a secondary stat or socket, but it can also be artifacts based on warforging/titanforging and where it has dropped. Make sure you check these as there are some very weird interactions in this system.

For the mana-cord results we see that there is really only one good deal here. The top result looks promising based on market value, but if you look down you will see that there are more 855 versions at the same price point. Sadly all of these are exactly the same and the market value difference is because they are different in some internal way that I cannot see (most likely due to what difficulty they dropped at which impacts the titanforging chances). The next result looks much more promising. The highlighted 880 version is posted for nearly 30 000 gold less than the second cheapest 880. These items are completely similar and there are no other versions available. This is a very good buy, but I also need to buy the 885 version posted at 15 000 below it. Otherwise the 885 version will sell first for 15 000 and noone will be buying my 880 version for 30 000.

Things to keep in mind:

In general you only want to buy items that are significantly cheaper than any other items with the same ilvl and stats. Keep in mind that the secondary stat leech is super valuable for 101 items, but not so much for 110s. You can also be aggressive in buying out items if the are the only available at that ilvl, especially above 900.

When starting out stick to items with very low market value % and do not risk more gold than you can afford if you are not familiar with the market. My biggest failure was buying an item at 300 000 that immediately tanked to sub 100 000 gold.


Selling your stock

I found that the easiest way to sell the epics is to just add them to one single group for flipping legion boe items as you buy them. The group uses dynamic pricing operations that take into account both the market price and the average purchase price you have payed. The minimum price is set to guarantee at least 20% profit, but you might want to change this based on your preferences. If you do this make sure you change the percentage in front of avgbuy in both the min and normal price settings as they are connected.

Adding items to a group is extremely simple once you have them in your bags. Just select the group and head to the item tab and any ungrouped newly purchased epics will show up the left. Select them (as in the screen shot) and click add at the top and they will be added to the group and posted the next time you perform an auctioning scan.

You can get my TSM operations by importing this group. It includes a couple of items I found in my latest scan. Make sure you add items as you buy them to easily post them back to the AH. Stick with the favorited searches for buying your Legion BoEs and you will be doing very well.

9 thoughts on “Make easy gold by Flipping Legion BoE Items

  1. I tried this method on my server (US Azralon) and unfortunatelly, people don’t buy those itens here =( at least I havent spent alot

    1. What items did you buy? Some are more in demand than others. Just keep posting as it might take a while.

      That being said it is definetly possible to buy the wrong items at the wrong price and get screwed here so if you dont have success on your realm just cut your losses

      1. I bough a level 101/ilvl 860 Demars Band of Amore for 18k and I was trying to sell it for 60k (suggested price) but its been 3 weeks already, now I’m trying to sell for a bit less xD

        1. I’d expect that to sell easily for 60k+. getting an 860 demars for 18k is an absolute bargain. I wouldn’t worry too much even though it’s been three weeks. Just keep posting and try buying some other items.

          1. I bought a 880 epic necklace of some sort for 8k, turned around and posted it up for 49999k and it sold in an hour.

  2. Does the current pastebin’s for 110 BoE’s include ToS gear? if not? Possible to get it?

    1. The groups are mostly empty as there are so many variations. I suggest using the imported searches which work regardless and add them to the group as you buy.

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