Flipping in Legion: Starting out

I recently started dipping my toes into flipping Legion specific items. I will do a more serious writeup

For those of you not familiar with the term flipping it is essentially buying an item and reselling at a higher price. Buy low, sell high.

This works out because the availability of items vary over the time, and the amount of people who want to buy an item also varies over time. In addition loads of people do not know or care about getting the maximum price for their items. This means that you will generally find good deals on items on the Auction House.

I am currently flipping in two primary markets in Legion:

  1. Tradeskill materials: Stonehide Leather, Stormscale and Shal’dorei Silk
  2. Epic Bind on Equip gear

The key to flipping is to buy cheap so you are ensured a profit when buying. Knowing all the potential flipping markets in your head is loads of work, so I rely on TradeSkillMaster to help me out. Generally when flipping you want to make groups with shopping and auctioning operations using dynamic thresholds.

Tradeskill Materials

When flipping my mats my goal is to snatch cheap materials in various stack sizes and sell them in stacks of 200 at or above market price. I set TSM to match exact stack size, as I only see other 200 stacks as my competition. My max price for buying is 80% dbmarket and my minimum price for selling is 100% dbmarket. This means that I dont even have to know when prices dip, as long as i run my shopping scan regularily. You can see a screenshot of my TSM operation below.


BoE Gear

For flipping BoEs i have just barely started out and I am currently using the following search in TSM to look for deals:


Just paste that into the search field in TSM and you should get all epic armor at Item level 835 and above.

I do not have a comprehensive group yet, although i know someone on reddit.com/r/woweconomy did make a group for this, and i rely on manually checking the prices of the other versions of the epics to figure out if my deal is good. I am planning to import the group to automate this a bit, although I am uncertain how I should set the maximum price. So far my experience is that this is probably the market in Legion with the most potential. I regularily find underpriced epics and I resell them with profits ranging from 2k to 50k.


My auctioning operation is very straightforward with price thresholds set to

100% dbhistorical

125% dbhistorical

150% dbhistorical

Closing words

I strongly suggesting looking into these methods because they are the least time consuming strategies available. Flipping obviously gets better if you can check the Auction House often, but should yield results even for casual players. I am currently just starting out in these markets, so I dont have a comprehensive set-up yet, but dont be afraid to dip your toes. Especially flipping tradeskill materials is very low risk if you buy below 80% DBmarket.

Good luck and happy flipping.

3 thoughts on “Flipping in Legion: Starting out

  1. I’ve noticed that flipping materials isn’t very profitable though, because of the limited supply. Shal’dorei silk for example is about 7 gold each on my server, and most of time I can purchase around 3000 units of this per week for about 80% market price. This means I get 20% of that in profit, which is 4,200 gold per week, from shal’dorei silk. That’s not a whole lot, especially if you have a high starting capital.

    1. That’s a good point. At this point I mostly just buy materials to shuffle them into enchanting materials. I’ve stopped flipping Legion mats as it is just too much effort per gold for me.

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