Goblin Mindset: Hit the ground running

Tonight is the night! BfA is well and truly upon us! I have written extensively on the kind of preparations you could do and what I think of professions in BfA.

Now we will be hitting the new expansion!

A new start

A new expansion represents a new start.

It is by FAR the most exciting time for those of us who focus on the economy. Millions will be made and markets will be discovered at a rapid pace!

The first part of the expansion will be characterized by new markets and high profitability niches. As I outlined in my major phases of an expansion post you can expect markets to move very fast and some niches till make you very rich!

Have fun

My biggest tip right now is to focus on having fun. There will be tons of new stuff to discover, both in the gold making part of the game and the world.

Don’t focus too much on any specific goal so you forget to enjoy the exhilarating rush of full leveling zones, world PvP and new dungeons.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to everything. Niches are yet to be discovered. Make notes of anything you see that will impact gold making. This can be profession quests, what players on woweconomy or focusing on or something else.

Try new stuff

There will be so many new old markets to get into. Be ready for them. Now is definitely the time to brush up on some TSM basics so you can make basic groups. My Legion groups will generally give you a very good idea of how the similar markets will look in BfA. Don’t be afraid to use the same operations.

What will I be doing?

I will be focusing heavily on the Gold Cap challenge. I’ll be leveling all three of my 110 characters as quickly as possible to get several professions rolling. I will also be paying very close attention to potential flipping markets to get them up and running.

If you want to join me I will be streaming my first foray into the new expansion when I finish work on the 14th. So from 17:30 CEST you can join me on twitch for my first impressions, thoughts and gold making talk while I level!

If you want to level up your gold making consider supporting my Patreon, because you will get early access to all my posts! 

3 thoughts on “Goblin Mindset: Hit the ground running

    1. In Legion I used a saved TSM search string. I’ll probably use the same approach in BfA, but I’ll have to wait to see what the item levels look like before deciding.

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