Making gold flipping Medallions of the Legion

This post was written before BfA launched. Starting from next week my focus in my posts will be full time on BfA markets! I recently re entered this classic Warlords of Draenor flipping market after seeing JessiDee on twitter showing some nice results from it. It’s a great flipping market, although it does require a decent bit of capital as the items are quite expensive.

My results so far

Mailbox showing Meadllion of the Legion Sales

I’ve been in the market for about a week. I’ve been buying a lot of medallions across all my realms. I’ve definitely found that the market is variable, and you sell much more if your prices are not too high.

TSM resale summary showing Medallion of the Legion Sales

TSM resale summary showing Medallion of the Legion Sales

The market definitely works though and getting 3-5k profit per medallion is very possible. This is a very good raw gold profit, so I am quite happy with it.

Why does it work

A Medallion of The Legion will give you 1000 rep with all the Warlords of Draenor factions when consumed. This is still very useful as you need to be exalted with several of them to get the Warlords of Draenor pathfinder achievement and unlock flying.

Players want to skip the actual farm and just get the rep. They will typically be buying more than one Medallion at the time. Supply is also very uneven as the item is only obtained from garrison missions, and those are only sporadically completed.

Make your money when you buy

As in every other flipping market you need to make your money when you buy. If there are no cheap medallions, then don’t bother buying. My TSM settings uses 70% dbmarket as the maximum price. I’ve tested buying above that, but I have had much slower sales then, as my minimum price uses my average purchase price.

Look for cheap deals, post your medallions at decent prices around dbmarket and the money should be flowing in.

TSM settings

You can find my TSM settings in my pastebin. I use 70% dbmarket as the max price, but my operation shows all auctions. You may notice gaps that you want to buy out up to. I’ll often buy up to 110-120% of my maximum price if it makes sense.

The posting operation is very simple and uses dbmarket and avgbuy to ensure a profit. The minimum profit is 20%, by including 120% avgbuy in the minimum price.

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