Goblin Mindset: Learn from the best

I am continuing on from last week’s post on Newbie mindset today. We will look at some of the best sources for gold making content currently on the internet.

Always learn from others

As I covered in my post last week you should always work to learn from other players. Since you are reading this post you are obviously learning from me, but I am certainly not the only noteworthy goblin in the world.

Communities and personalities

I split the sources you can learn from into two types. Communities, which are driven by a larger group of people interacting and personalities such as myself, streamers, other bloggers, youtubers etc.

In general I think you will find a higher level of content from personalities. This people will usually be experts at their craft and their content will be focused on something that works.

Communities are great for quick questions and interaction though. The gold making community has a lot of really helpful players, but getting something meaningful out of this can take more work than if someone has covered the area specifically.

The biggest communities

At this point there is really only one extended open community I recommend. The WoWeconomy Subreddit and the attendant discord server. The subreddit is great, with a lot of active subscribers. The daily simple questions thread can be a great place to get some input on what you’re doing and the community resources are great (I’ve written one of them so I might be biased here).

The discord server is also a great place for a chat centric experience. Most of the goldmaking personalities can be found there as well so you might get your question answered by some of the real players in the gold making community.


This is going to be a long list, and I will not get all of the people that deserve a mention. Some of you might be aware of most of these already.


Twitch has really cemented itself as the premiere streaming service. I personally stream there very infrequently at twitch.tv/lazygoldmaker.

There are also a bunch of other gold making focused streamers you should checkout. I don’t have too much time to watch streams, so I am guaranteed to be missing several useful ones. Let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list.

  • Gumdrops: Moderator of the woweconomy reddit and on the TSM team. Streams regularly with a focus on old world crafting
  • SamadanPlaysWow: Creative and goldmaking streamer.
  • Shinn: Simple gold making, mostly crafting
  • StudenAlbatroz: Farming focused streamer
  • Emrie: Goldmaking


The blogging scene in gold making is not too active at the moment. There are some people putting in work alongside me and you should definitely check them out. I personally love reading guides rather than watching them, so if that’s your preference check out the guys below:

  • Jessi Dee: Twitterer with a blog where she posts some of her sales.
  • Jack the Dipper: Fairly new blogger with a wide variety of posts.
  • Gumdrops has a weekly column on WoWhead in addition to his stream
  • The Gold Queen: The longest active blogger that still writes on gold making.


Gold making content in the form of videos has really taken off lately. There are a lot of youtubers with content out there. Video is a format that is extremely popular and below you can find some of my favorites:

  • BregVids: Tons of content from stuff focused on the community to TSM content.
  • Samadan has a youtube channel in addition to his stream
  • Hikons: Gold making guides
  • WTBGold: Tons of gold making guides


Most of the people on the list above are active on twitter as well. There are also some people that are mainly active on twitter showing off some crazy mailboxes and results. If you’re not already following me, you should be. There’s a lot of tips to pickup and other people worth following:

  • BilisOnyxia: TSM Power user, Famous for the most widely used TSM sniper string
  • Vahdis: Battle pet flipper extraordinaire
  • Mogsaddiction: Transmog flipper active on ALL US realms
  • Grahran: BoE and pet flipper

This post is already quite massive and it is not even close to being exhaustive. So if you know of someone I missed make sure you add them in the comments!

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