Gold Cap Challenge: Update 10

Things are starting to approach a new normal at home, and I have used some of the afforded nap time to spend a bit of time on my challenge. I also ended up rolling another character this week, a priest. I am planning to level it slowly to 110, both to check out the new scaling zones and to get some more professions at max level eventually.

You can find the original post here and my earlier updates here.

The Rules

  • Same realm as Zero to One Million
  • No transfered battlepets
  • No transfered gold
  • Get to gold cap


  • A1: /played since last update: 2 hours
  • A1: /played total: 8 days 21 hours
  • A2: /played since last update: 3 hours
  • A2: /played total: 1 day 16 hours
  • Total gold account 1 (missions and quests): 109 266 gold
  • Total gold account 2 (AH character):  891 184 gold
  • Total AH value: 4 660 342 gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 6 619 089 gold
  • Total gold spent: 5 727 905 Gold

What did I do?

As we can see from the gold graph below I spent a large amount of gold this week. The main reason was that I found two item level 9660 Hulking Demolisher legplates for 130k each. I obviously had to fire on both of them as the EU Region market average is about 270k. Hopefully there isn’t something I am not aware of that holds true about this item.

We can also see that I briefly hit a new peak slightly above 1.2 million gold before plummeting down yet again. My AH value has been steadily increasing lately however, and I am now above 4.5 million gold posted to the auction house. If I can just keep up a slightly higher reposting frequency I think sales will quickly get up close to 1 million per week again, but time is as always the main issue here.

Gold Graph showing the last 14 days

TSM sales

Sales sorted by value

Yet again BoE sales are slightly disappointing. I only sold 4 BoEs this week. At least one of them was very high value. On the plus side consumables are still selling ridiculously well and I am having trouble keeping flasks in stock as I don’t shop for herbs often enough. Enchanting sales are also up this week and we can see I moved a lot of Marks of trained soldier. I am also still gradually selling off my trillium ore from my large batch of spirits of Harmony. On the plus side, I sold another Panther this week. Panthers have been great for me on all realms this expansion and I expect them to remain great for a long time!

Sales by item quantity

This is so similar to last weeks summary that it is uncanny. Whispered pact and countless armies continue to outpace the other two flasks and food remains a top seller. Enchants are stronger this week, but my BoE sales are very bad. Hopefully some more active reposting can rectify this. We can also see that I bought a decent amount of herbs this week to support my flask crafting.


Total inventory

Pretty sure there’s something wrong with the sums on this view, as my Hulking demolisher legplate should be valued at something like 500k total based on dbregionmarket. I am still holding a large amount of BoE inventory and flasks. Looking at this the main takeaway from this week is that I need to spend a bit more time restocking my crafting professions. I have also barely had time to run any shopping scans for my flipping markets. This might be a factor in why my BoE sales have slightly slowed down as I have not been restocking on cheap deals.

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