My gold making routines: Time is money

Having solid routines is key to maintaining strong gold making results. In this post I will go through my current routines and roughly how much time I spend on them as well as how I prioritize. I am not someone who plays a massive amount of time and the vast majority of my time these days is the time I log for my gold cap challenge (2-4 hours a week).


In the latest weekly wowhead gold post by Gumdrops he talked about gold making routines. He shared a routine from a redditor that clearly had a lot of time to play as he did all his gold making stuff during the afternoon before raiding, hitting mythics in the evening. In the comments we could see someone pointing out that when you have that much time you can essentially “do everything”.

Your time always need to be prioritized and a routine can help you spend your time as efficiently as possible.

My setup

Before we dive into my routines I’m going to lay out my setup very briefly. As anyone who has watched me on stream will know I have two WoW accounts. I use one for regular play and the other has several dedicated auction house characters. I have bankers on 8 different realms, but I am only really active on 6 of them. On two of the realms I have level 110 characters on my main account giving me access to crafting professions. On the remaining 6 I only have a bank alt and all my gold is earned through flipping, primarily BoEs. I also flip battle pets cross realm.

Based on this setup below is a list of all the activities that I do. This is not what I do everyday, but all of the various gold making activities I engage in on a general level.

  • Restock crafting professions
  • Shopping scans for BoEs
  • Shopping scans for Materials
  • Shopping scans for Battle pets
  • Collecting expired and sold Auctions
  • Re-posting my stock
  • Go through all my characters for daily cooldowns

You will immediately notice that I do not do any cancel scans. I just don’t find them worth my time as I can barely repost all my auctions as it is.


I actually have several routines for my two accounts and based on the realm. Below we will go through the routines on my main account, and my second account. For my AH account the routine is different for the realms where I have 110s compared to the pure flipping realms. In general my priority is as follows, with a rough frequency in paranthesis:

  1. Repost all expired auctions across all realms (every 2-3 days)
  2. Shop for BoEs on as many realms as possible (about once a week)
  3. Restock any high profit crafts (luxury mounts in particular) (Once every two weeks)
  4. Restock other high volume professions (cooking alchemy) (once every two weeks)
  5. Do Daily cooldowns (Every 2-4 days)

Now I will elaborate a bit on how that might look.

Main account

I do not log into this account every day at the moment. Typically I log in every other day. The number one priority on this account is to go through all of my characters for their daily cooldowns. I have 8 characters with some form of daily cooldown. 5 of them are alchemy/engineering for Jard’s and Pyrium bars for sky golems and Vial of the Sands respectively. I also have on tailor for hexweave bags and some blacksmithing ingots from the Mists of Pandaria recipes. I also do the leatherworking cooldowns from Mists of Pandaria on one character. If I have time I also repost glyphs from a character that is on this account.

All of these activities are fairly low implied gold per hour and I will sometimes skip them for more than two days if I just want to play the game. If I have time after the daily cooldowns I will restock crafting professions based on which are running low. I try to keep materials lying around so I do not need to shop at the same time as I craft. Obviously I don’t always succeed with this. So sometimes I have to buy materials on my second account on the same time. I prioritize high value crafts like expensive mounts first, and after that the highest volume professions, primarily alchemy, cooking and enchanting.

Second account

What I do on my second account depends on how much time I have. Typically I will start going through my realms to just empty the mailbox and put everything back on the auction house. I will often have expired auctions staying a day or two in the mailbox. If I have extra time then I run BoE shopping scans (/101/101/i835/Epic for 101 BoEs and /110/110/i930/Epic for Antorus BoEs). If I have more time than that I will restock any materials I am running low on and every once in a blue moon I will shop for battle pets.

I prioritize the two realms where I have 110s as I have a much larger stock of items on these realms and it is more important to get these reposted. Then I do the realms based on how good they have been in the past. I sometimes prioritize the newest one to get it up to full speed. On a typical day I will not get to repost on all my realms.

How much time does this take?

It depends on what I have available. I have clear priorities based on the implied gold per hour and I do not feel bad about missing a beat across any of my markets. As long as I keep my high value items posted as often as I can I will get sales. Currently I’m guessing I spend somewhere slightly below one hour a day on average on WoW, and I can still get days like this:

I have obviously stopped a lot of profitable activities to cut my time down as much as possible. Obvious examples include material flipping and the enchanting shuffles. Time is as always the most valuable resource and my clear number on priority.

Hopefully this will help you get some idea of how a well oiled gold making operation can run and help you figure out routines that give you a great balance between time spent and gold earned.

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