Legion Cooking: Food is money!

I have made a ton of gold from cooking in Legion. Since I swapped bank character I have made sales of about 5k on average per day. And I didnt have time to post on reset day this week, so it could have been better.

I craft the +375 stat foods. The prices are low enough that I don’t think there’s much market for the +300 foods. Food also takes a lot of bag space. It only stacks to 20.

The big advantages of cooking are the high demand and the small time requirement. You can craft all the food you can sell for a week in 5-10 minutes.

Getting recipes

Getting cooking recipes in Legion is annoying. You first need to unlock Nomi through his questline. You need to learn a Legion cooking recipe. If you need help finding a recipe wowhead has a nice overview of cooking. Then Nomi will find you and offer you this quest. After finishing the quest line you will get access to Nomi’s work orders. All the good recipes are random rewards for work orders that use one of the materials required. I strongly suggest using the addon Bad Nomi or something similar to figure out which materials give which recipes.

I find that rank 2 recipes of the +375 foods are profitable. Rank 3 recipes are much harder to get, but will obviously make you even more profitable. Focus on getting all rank 2 recipes before you start hunting for rank 3s.


You need a ton of different materials to craft all the foods. The main reason is of course that +300 stat foods are ingredients in +375 food. Using cooking bags is a consideration if you craft a lot. Cooking primarily uses reagents that are only used for cooking. It does however also use


The best way to maximize your profits is to make sure you are posting your food on raid reset day. Demand is super high and it usually flies off the shelves. I usually get steady sales throughout the week, but wednesday is the most important day by far.

I still haven’t found the best stack size. My TSM operations currently post in stacks of 5. I am strongly considering increasing it to max (20).

Since you work with a ton of stacks I strongly suggest using TSM for automating your posting, shopping and mailing. I haven’t automated my restocking, I just buy up mats and craft whenever I run out.

I haven’t tried selling +300 food, but it seems like it’s generally profitable based on crafting cost. If you do just add the same operation to the 300 food group and you should be good to go.

TSM groups

You can find my TSM groups and operations on pastebin.

Note that the material groups contain all Legion herbs, as they are all used in food. You might want to uncheck the “move already grouped items” box if you use herbs in another operation.


Good luck!

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