I Bought a Full Guild Bank for 1 MILLION Gold, Was it Worth It?

A while ago a reader of mine asked me if I was interested in buying his stuff as we was quitting the game. I ended up paying 1 million gold for about a guild bank full of mostly transmog, some recipes and some toys.

What are the items worth

I didn’t actually write down exactly which items this was, and some of it was duplicate battle pets I’ve started moving. As of right now the region market value of all the items I have on this server is 20 million gold. This includes several 1 million + value transmogs. Now personally I don’t really believe that these items are worth that much. They might sell, but it’s going to be extremely slow. Now even without the top 4 items we are still looking at more than 10 million gold in value on this realm. I am fairly certain it will be worth it long term.

Sales since I bought

Since I bought the items I have generated about 400 000 gold in sales. Now the vast majority of the sales in terms of items is very low value uncommon transmog. I’ve sold a ton of items in the sub 1000 gold category. Obviously they don’t generate much in total gold, but they at least free me from reposting them. Spattered between them however we find multiple very good sales, including a Lovely red dress for 52 000, a Talon Guard pauldrons for 31 000 and a Sylvanas Music Box for 112 000.

No expertise

Now I had no idea what value any of the items I bought have. I did double check the value of the battle pets, and came to about 2-3 million on the battle pets alone. Then I valued the transmog fairly low, as I don’t know transmog. To post these items I had to come up with a new TSM setup. My logic was that I want to not overprice anything, as I want to just move the items fairly quickly. What I came up with was to simply use the lowest of either the market value or the region market value. Then I set my minimum price to 50% of that, and my normal price at 95% of that. The reason i chose 95% is simply to slowly drive down the region market or market value if I am the only one posting the item.

Buy a guild bank

Obviously this isn’t an opportunity that comes around too often, but there are often players quitting the game, so if you ever see someone in trade chat or someone you know is quitting the game, making them an offer if they have a collection can pay off handsomely down the line.

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